The Joy of Cooking

The kitchen will always be a favorite spot in the house (of course, next to our bedroom). It's the first area of the house I go each morning and the last before I do my evening beauty routine.

At home I am the head chef and the husband will always be a guest. I can sing and dance while cooking, no one will judge me. I invent meals from leftover food and enjoy my favorite dessert after a long day. Best of all, I play chef and make healthy meals for my husband and myself. Whenever I'm at home I cook three to four times a day - breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. I found joy in cooking.

Organic Vegetables
Beautiful and fresh vegetables
I make sure to find time in the kitchen and prepare a decent meal despite the busy schedule. Although sometimes, I feel that the food I prepare are not appealing anymore. Thankful that I was invited at the Knorr Test Kitchen where known chefs and restaurateur shared kitchen tips and mouth-watering dishes using the new Knorr SavorRich Liquid Seasoning.

Knorr SavorRich
Knorr SavorRich
The Knorr SavorRich is made from real meat, making our dishes meatier and more flavorful. Because it comes in liquid form, it easily penetrates into the food.  The Knorr SavorRich has mouth-watering aroma too. It's great for sauteing and marinating.

honey garlic fried chicken
Happy Ongpauco's honey garlic fried chicken
At the Knorr Test Kitchen Chef Nicco Santos prepared Nasi Goreng and coffee pork ribs while Happy Ongpauco made Filipino dishes such as honey garlic fried chicken and bangus and tofu salpicao. The bangus dish was my favorite, light yet filling. I promise to try the recipe soon.

Knorr Test Kitchen
Team Happy during the Knorr Test Kitchen held at Greenbelt Park
Fine dining restaurant chef Josh Boutwood made Western-inspired meals pork skewers with cilantro mint salad and roasted chicken and barley porridge. I love cilantro, it makes food very flavorful!

Knorr SavorRich Liquid Seasoning

Kalel Chan presented his own take on Asia fusion with pork sisig gyoza and togerashi karaage with rice mayo.

Knorr Test Kitchen
with blogger friends at the Knorr Test Kitchen
We went home with products from Knorr SavorRich Liquid Seasoning. I cooked pinakbet the other day and guisadong togue (sauteed bean sprout) last night. We rarely cooked togue so this time I made it extra special with lots of sweet potatoes, ground pork, chopped celery and a few drops of the Knorr SavorRich pork. I love how Knorr makes simple dishes tastier and flavorful.

Pinakbet with Knorr Savor Rich Pork Liquid Seasoning
Pinakbet with Knorr Savor Rich Pork Liquid Seasoning

I'm also sharing recipes and cooking inspirations on IG stories, you may check out the collection here Hope you would follow @LivingMarjorney

The new Knorr SavorRich Liquid Seasoning is available in chicken and pork flavors. You can get them now at all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide at a suggested retail price of P6/16grams, P85/240grams and P150/480grams. Looking for more recipes? Head over to and try the recipes featured from the Knorr Test Kitchen.


  1. Wow gustong gusto ko din po ang Knorr seasoning mix sumasarap ang lutuin 😍👍


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