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Social media is a powerful platform we can use to promote a good cause. Even famous celebrities and social media influencers use this platform to inspiring others and bring out the message to their huge followers.

New Faces of Shell Promotes Responsible Driving

A few days ago, Pilipinas Shell unveiled a star-studded milestone as they introduced their newest set of ambassadors in a media launch at the Manila House in Bonifacio Global Cityin Taguig City. They were chosen by the brand because they can easily relate their personal experience in using Shell’s products and services through the years.

Maine Mendoza who became famous as Yaya Dub in Eat Bulaga's kalyeserye is one of the newest faces of Shell more particularly the Shell FuelSave. Launched with a new formulation last year, Shell FuelSave has DYNAFLEX Technology designed to help improve engine efficiency. 

Maine and her family owns several Shell stations in Bulacan. Shell has always been embedded in Mendoza’s life even before rising to fame, as their family owns a number of Shell retail station dealerships.
“My parents wanted to invest in a company that is recognized for credibility and quality,” she shared. “So when the opportunity came, they didn’t have to think twice about partnering with Shell.”
Now that she drives around the city a lot, she only has one go-to fuel. “I’ve always been practical, and I always go for the smart option. I recommend Shell FuelSave because it’s so fuel efficient that I can navigate traffic with no worries,” she added.

Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza for Shell FuelSave
Shell’s second ambassador is a known for his travel show, Byahe ni Drew. His fuel of choice is Shell V-Power, Shell’s best-ever premium gasoline with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology designed to deliver both performance and efficiency.

Biyahero for life, Drew is a member of the popular BrapPack, a group of driven, outdoorsy men who bond over long motorbike rides in and out of the city while promoting road safety.
“I definitely need reliable performance on the road and that’s why I use Shell V-Power,” said Drew. “Since I started using it, I’ve never had problems–whether I’m going on long bike rides with my buddies or just simply cruising around with my family in our SUV,” Drew added.
While Shell offers world-class, high-quality fuels to help their customers make the most of their drive, the company is also committed to supporting several advocacy programs, such as road safety and environment sustainability.

Shell Ambassadors
Drew for Shell V Power, Nico Bolzico for Shell
One of the well-known, funny social media influencer today is the third Shell ambassador, Wifezilla’s Husband, Nico Bolzico.

Aligned with the same goals, Nico Bolzico is proud to be a Shell ambassador. “I am so happy to learn that my most trusted fuel brand is also supporting various advocacy that aim to make the future greener” noted Nico as a wacky husband.

He also pointed out how he was impressed with Shell’s various partnerships with Plastic Bank and its role in the Global Road Safety Partnership Philippines (PGRSP).

Nico also recalled how his father recommended Shell to him when he was just starting out driving in Argentina. “Shell Fuels has always given me worry-free journeys. I would never compromise on quality, and Shell is truly world-class.”

Marjorie Uy Lifestyle Blogger

On its 105 years of partnering with the Philippines in nation-building, Shell continues to power progress through more and cleaner energy solutions that focus on delivering quality products while advocating safety and social responsibility.

Maine Mendoza
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As a blogger, I am also promoting healthy lifestyle in my own little ways. I've been partnering with the Department of Agriculture to help our promote organic agriculture. You can read previous posts here or just key in the search box with the key word "organic farming". Congratulations to the new ambassadors of Shell. To know more about Shell and their products, you may visit their page (here).

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