Life Hack: Skipping the Long Queues

With today's lifestyle demands, women wear many 'hats'; figuratively of course. Women are good in multi-tasking and can maintain a healthy work-life balance amidst career, family, and taking care of themselves.

Life Hack: Skipping the Long Queues, Paying Bills Online
Skipping the long queues, Paying the Bills Online

On a personal level, I juggle my personal pursuits together with my professional blogging activities, helping my husband with our digital marketing agency, taking care of the household, and duties as a wife, among others.

It can get overwhelming at times and we surely appreciate even simple life-hacks that make our life more manageable. No matter how much of a superwoman we think we are, we still need help to make things happen.

Life Hack: Skipping the Long Queues with the BPI Online

And one of the more recent technological advancement I appreciate the most is banking online - either through the website or through the mobile app.

Making deposits or transferring money from one account to another used to demand physically lining-up in bank branches and personally doing the transactions. Thank goodness for BPI Online and the BPI Mobile App, now I can skip the long queues and just do my money transfers with with a few clicks on my laptop or the smartphone.

Aside from our agency business requirement of depositing and transferring money from time to time, I also shop and sell on online shopping platforms. I know this is something you may also be doing if you're also a "Woman in Digital" like me. I also transfer funds to or from my account to pay sellers, or for buyers to pay me.

Life-Hack Alert!. . .  and to make things even more convenient and save on costs, I do a one-time enrollment of my 'suki' 3rd party accounts. It's effectively free! Otherwise, un-enrolled 3rd party transfers have a convenience fee of P10 per transaction starting July 1.

Using BPI Online Payment
Enjoyed shopping using BPI Mobile App, click here to read more.

Moreover, last month, I was in the middle of a trip in Hokkaido, Japan when I received a text message regarding overdue bill. I thought I settled all my bills before I went on vacation, so instead of worrying, I simply paid the bill using the BPI Mobile App and transferred funds from my account to the telco provider. Whew!

How to Transfer Funds to Enrolled Third Party Accounts For FREE:

There are two ways you can enjoy funds transfer for FREE with BPI Online or the BPI Mobile Application.

First is to transfer to enrolled accounts. 
A BPI account holder simply just have to register / enroll a third-party account to BPI one-time. After approval, you can now transfer to enrolled accounts for FREE forever! You can enroll up to 99 third-party accounts and billers. Now, you just have to select the enrolled account/biller every time you make a transaction – that makes it so much easier and more secure!

Additionally, encourage your family members and friends to enroll their BPI accounts as well!

BPI Enrollment Form
BPI Enrollment Form

BPI has made it easier for you to enroll third party accounts. All you have to do is print, sign, and email the enrollment form. Click here to get the Third Party Account Enrollment Form.

Second, BPI account holders can Transfer Funds for FREE using the QR Code

Make the most of this feature while it’s still free! When you transfer funds via QR ode, you don’t have to key in the 10-digit account number of your beneficiary. All you have to do is import the QR Code from your photo gallery, or scan it using your phone camera. Likewise, instead of giving your account number to people who need to send you money, just give your QR code. It only takes 4 steps to generate a personalized QR Code for your account number through BPI Online or the new BPI Mobile app:

STEP 1: Log in to BPI Online or to the new BPI Mobile app and select "Other Services" then "QR Generator"

BPI QR Generator
BPI Generate Code

STEP 2: Select account to generate QR code

STEP 3: Create a nickname for your QR Code. QR nickname can have a maximum of 10 alphanumeric characters.

BPI Generate Code
BPI Generate Code

STEP 4: Select "Save to Device". You can now start sending the QR code instead of giving your account number.

I hope these techy life-hacks on enrolling 3rd-party accounts and using of QR codes were of help to you my fellow ladies. Cheers to empowering women, entrepreneurs and wives like us! Cheers to more quality time with our family and loved ones instead of commute and physically lining up in banks. 


  1. maganda yan momsh yan dn gamit nmin❤️
    sure kpa 😍

    1. It's safe and efficient di ba Juliet? You can make online banking transaction, anytime anywhere.


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