Laundry Tips: New For Longer with Comfort Care Detergent and FabCon

Laundry cleaning is my favorite household chore provided there's a fully automatic washing machine. I do the laundry once a week to prevent piling up of dirt linen. It's easy if you have already established a routine, like the time and day to do the laundry.

Laundry Tips: New For Longer with Comfort Care Detergent and FabCon
For our young readers, especially our dear students who will start a condo living and/or staying in a school dormitory, here's a Step by Step Guide on How to Do The Laundry Plus How to take care of their clothes.


How to Do the Laundry and Care for Delicate Clothes with Comfort

Step 1: Check the labels of your clothes to see if it can be machine or hand wash.

Step 2: Separate colored clothes to dark, wash together items with the same fabric, intimate apparel or underwear from shirts, and pants. I prefer washing underwear separately. Wash jeans with other clothes of the same fabric.

Step 3: Prepare your paraphernalia such as detergent soap, fabric conditioner, hangers, etc. You may use a mesh laundry bag for silk or delicate clothes.

Step 4: Double check to see if there are clothes need not be included. Turn on the washing machine. If you're using the automatic one, you just have to put everything (soap and fabric conditioner), and dirty clothes to the washer and set the timer and cycle/mode. I'm using a fully automatic washing machine that does the washing, spinning, and rinsing. I can just choose the cycle from Quick, Fuzzy, Wool, and Soak then start the laundry. For non-automatic washing machine, you just add water and detergent soap. Set the timer and mode (low, medium or high) depending on the dirt.

Comfort Care Detergent Blue
Comfort Care Detergent Blue

I've been using the new Comfort Care Lounge with the products Laundry Detergent and Fabric Conditioner. These new fabric care products are under Unilever. Check out the photos taken during the launch of the new Comfort here.

Comfort delivers the best clothes outcome and give us the confidence to wear our clothes more often. Personally, I love how Comfort Care Fabric Conditioner makes our clothes soft and smells fresh. Ang bango even with just a little amount of fabcon in every load. The new Comfort laundry products are best for our clothes especially this rainy season.

Comfort is powered by the most superior technologies. First is the Advanced Anti-Aging Technology found in its laundry detergent that prevents signs of wear out - pilling/bobbling (himulmol). It also prevents residue that gets deposited into the fabric. Second is the Advance Triple Care Technology found in the fabric conditioner. It enhances the beauty of clothes, protecting them from color fading, fiber pilling, and loss of shape thus smoother and softer fabric.

Comfort Laundry Products are now available in leading supermarkets and online shops like Lazada and Shopee. Comfort Pink Fabric Conditioner Glamour Care 800ml bottle retails at P260. Comfort Detergent 850ml retails at P211.25. They are also available in pouch at 600ml for only P149.50.

Step 5: Unload the washer. I recommend that you immediately remove the clothes once it's done and let it air dry or use a separate dryer. This will protect your clothes from mildew and shrinking.

Step 6: Hang or Fold. Don't forget to smell the clothes after using the new Comfort Care.

Woman in Digital
Sitting pretty while doing the laundry.

Our clothes can last a long time even with frequent use as long as we take care of them properly. Using fabric products such as Comfort will help prevent himulmol and color fading. Share your laundry hacks and tips by leaving a comment below.


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