Open Access BPO Unveils New State-of-the-Art Facility in Makati

Despite the quest for a work-life balance, according to a recent survey it remains a top consideration for people seeking job. Other factors include a high paying salary and continuous learning opportunities. Workers believe that a healthy work-life balance can improve one's physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual growth. No wonder companies take this concept seriously. I've seen facilities that offers comfy lounge or a prayer room where they can relax during break. This design is made to provide a healthy environment for employees. One company I've got to visit is the new Open Access BPO in Glorietta.

Open Access BPO is a multilingual outsourcing firm headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with operation facilities in Makati and Davao in the Philippines, Taipei, Taiwan and Xiamen, and China.

Recently, Open Access BPO unveiled its newest, also the second office in Makati at the Glorietta 2 Corporate Center. The new state-of-the-art facility aims to provide to the need of the growing demands in the BPO industry.

Boasting 1,000-seat facility ready to meet the growing demands of Open Access clients and expanding workforce. With a new logao, slogan, and website plus a new look for better website experience. Everything from the new office to website looks refreshing. The new slogan "We Speak Your Language" characterizes the company's multilingual capability and the scalable nature of its services.

Open Access BPO
Open Access BPO Opening in Glorietta

Relaxing lounge/dining area
Relaxing lounge/dining area
Open Access BPO Fitness Center
Open Access BPO Fitness Center

Open Access BPO Global
1980 Festival Plaza Dr, Ste 300, Las Vegas, Nevada
Telephone: +1 650-276-5399

Open Access BPO (Makati G2)
11/F Glorietta 2Corporate Center, Makati City, Philippines 1224
Contact: +1.888.888.1519
Twitter / Instagram / Youtube: @OpenAccessBPO

Are you looking for a job? Open Access BPO is a workplace that empowers Filipinos, training them to be the best in the call center industry. At the moment, Open Access is in need of people who have interest in telecommunication and who wants to join one of the best call centers in the Philippines. You may visit the newest Open Access BPO branch in Glorietta One or visit their website. Congratulations to Open Access!


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