Whitening Toothpaste Made with Lemon and Coconut Extracts

Most people will suffer from teeth discoloration because of the food they eat. I'm not exempted, in fact I still have a tooth that is slightly discolored and it is due to previous trauma. Are you dealing with yellowish or stained teeth? Do you feel uncomfortable to show a big smile because of that? Now, it's time to say goodbye to stained teeth with Close Up White Natural Smile made with safe and natural ingredients.

Close Up Made with Lemon and Coconut Extracts

Close Up is one of our favorite toothpaste brands. For years, it's been true to its promise of providing fresh and clean mouth. I personally love its minty flavor and the fresh scent it leaves on my mouth after brushing. I can feel my teeth is clean right after brushing and the freshness would last long. When I do the grocery, I usually pick the red Close Up Ever-fresh variant.

However, there are people including myself who loves coffee, chocolate and other food that stains the teeth. Ordinary toothpaste brand is not enough, I want a toothpaste that cleans the mouth at the same time whitens the teeth.

Close Up released new variants infused with natural ingredients that helps whitens teeth. Available in two variants - the Lemon Essence with Sea Salt and the Coconut Extract with Bamboo Charcoal variants.

Lemon Essence with Sea Salt and Coconut Extract with Bamboo Charcoal
Lemon Essence with Sea Salt and Coconut Extract with Bamboo Charcoal

Close Up Whitening Toothpaste Variants

Close Up White Attraction Natural Smile is a gel toothpaste infused with a natural blend of sea salt and lemon that helps whiten teeth and gives you a fresh breath. With continuous use (two weeks), it promises to give you whiter teeth. Lemon helps remove stains and bad breath while the sea salt strengthens gums and also helps whiten teeth. Sea salt has antibacterial property as well so it helps kills bacteria and germs.

Coconut Extract and Bamboo Charcoal promotes good oral health by maintaining the right pH in the mouth. Bamboo charcoal attracts dirt thus removes dark spot and bad odor.

Effective Whitening Toothpaste
Effective Whitening Toothpaste

A pea-sized amount of Close Up Whitening toothpaste is enough every brushing. I like how it leaves my mouth fresh and really clean. I've been using it for a couple of days now, I'm excited to see the difference in two weeks. I like the natural flavors of these Close Up variants. Try and see it for yourself. Closeup whitening toothpaste White Attraction Natural Smile is available for only P92 for 100grams on Watsons.

Currently, I'm using this whitening toothpaste with Lemon Essence and sea salt. The Coconut Extract and Bamboo Charcoal is an interesting variant too. Try it and share your experience in the comment section. You can get the Close Up White Attraction Natural Smile in your favorite supermarket and beauty shops.


  1. Ma try nga din ito miss marj parang maganda nga rin siya..Thanks for the review miss marj


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