Used Coffee Grounds for Composting

Mornings are not be complete without a cup of good coffee. Everyday we drink coffee. I use a coffee maker in making freshly brewed coffee. Others prefer the pour over method. Some have pod coffee machine like a Nespresso. Whatever method, we should be responsible with the proper disposal of used grounds and capsules. Here's what you can do to all used coffee capsules.

Nespresso hosted a farm tour at Holy Carabao Farm in Tagaytay to share the journey of Nespresso capsules from the coffee experts all the way to sustainability advocates.

used coffee grounds for fertilizer
Nespresso machine makes good coffee

Used Coffee Grounds for Composting

First, Nespresso conducted a short coffee masterclass followed by a talk about integrated farming and composting. Did you know that used coffee can be added to compost? I've been using grounds even before I started edible gardening. Coffee grounds are great as fertilizer. It's rich in nitrogen.

used coffee grounds for fertilizer
Nespresso capsule, used coffee grounds for fertilizer

Composting Site
Composting Site

Nespresso team and Marc Nelson
Nespresso team and Marc Nelson

Mrs Cloverleaf blog
Tina of Mrs Cloverleaf

Nespresso together with partner earth advocates collects used capsules. The coffee grounds goes to the soil while the capsules turned into beautiful ornaments. So remember to bring those used Nespresso capsules at any Nespresso boutique in Manila.

Nespresso Boutique are located at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Nespresso Pop Up Stores at The Podium, Greenbelt and One Bonifacio, BGC; Rustan’s Department Stores (Makati, Shangrila, Alabang). Home pick up is available for orders made via, while direct collection is available for business-to-business accounts.

Capping the day is a sumptuous lunch prepared by Holy Carabao Farm. We had a delicious carrot beet hummus, sourdough crostini with chicken liver pate with onion jam. Mixed greens with edible flowers, wild berries, sprouts, seeds and nuts. Choice of sweet onion and yogurt Ceasar dressing. The porchetta was tasty and tender and I love the malunggay pesto on the side. For dessert, we had Carabao Cream Sorbetes. Our healthy drinks include calamansi oregano juice.

Holy Carabao Day Tour with lunch
Holy Carabao Day Tour with lunch. Tasty and tender porchetta, greens and adlai.

We went around the farm, learned how they purposely use Nespresso coffee grounds in growing vegetables. This initiative is truly inspiring. Nespresso continuous to partner with local organic farms to recycle used coffee grounds and turn used capsules into beautiful ornaments. Thanks to Nespresso for sharing with us their advocacy.


  1. Wow parang ang sarap pumunta jan miss marj...i love this Holy carabao gelato ..

    1. Worth the trip to Tagaytay, Jen. Hope you could visit.

      and yes! sarap ng gelato! <3


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