Reasons Why Packed Lunch is a Healthier Alternative with Asvel

Bringing lunch to work or school provides several benefits. First of all, with packed lunch you know you're eating healthy. You can also save money and time from going to the fast food or food delivery. It's also fun to prepare packed lunch with nice nice and stylish lunch boxes from Asvel.

Asvel Lunch Box
Asvel Lunch Box

When we were young, it's easy to prepare a lunch or baon for school. Just a simple loaf bread with peanut butter and bottled water. When I was in college especially when I'm on duty in the hospital, I had to packed lunch to save time and effort. My favorite baon then was sauteed corned beef with half cup rice because it's easy to prepare early in the morning. Today, I still bring packed sandwiches especially during long trips. Check out my #BloggerBaon series.

Asvel Lunch Box
Asvel lunch box comes with two compartments and a chopstick
Packing lunch at work or school is a healthier alternative to fast food or instant noodles. Instant food are high in preservatives, sodium (salt) and fats which are not good for health. If you find it hard to prepare a packed meals, here are some tips on how to start with.

Make extra for lunch (the next day)

When I cook dinner, I see to it to make extra for packed lunch the next day. I also store food in the fridge. There's always food when someone feels starving.

On Mondays and Fridays I make a delicious and healthy meals and snacks for husband when he goes to college for his teaching class. He likes ham or chicken sandwiches with lettuce, cheese and just a little mayonnaise. I place them in a clean and sealed food container.

Asvel Lunch Box, Safe and Stylish 

When I cook dinner, I make extra for lunch. Easy to prepare meals like chicken-pork adobo, sweet and sour fish, fish in black beans, sauteed vegetables are great for packed lunch. You can also add sliced fruits but first soak it in Sprite (soda) or apple cider vinegar which is healthier to maintain its freshness which I learned from the Bento Momma.

Asvel lunch box is BPA-free which means it's safe to drink or eat from it. Asvel lunch boxes are stylish and comes in different colors and design. No wonder why teen actress, Andrea Brillantes chose Asvel.

Andrea Brillantes for Asvel
Andrea Brillantes

A few days ago, Asvel invited us to the know more about its latest products and meet the newest member of Asvel family, Andrea Brillantes. Asvel hosted a bento making activity lead by the Bento Momma. Using the new Asvel lunch box, they came up with bento boxes.

Asvel and National Bookstore
Asvel and National Bookstore

With Asvel, your packed lunch looks neat and appetizing. It keeps food fresh and you don't even have to worry of spillage with its air-tight cover.

Aside from lunch boxes, Asvel has different products that suits your needs and lifestyle. I got my Asvel rice dispenser few months ago. Read my review of Asvel rice dispenser here.

More photos during the event.

Bento Momma
Bento Momma showing us how to prepare packed lunch
with Mimiyuuuh

More recipe ideas here. The next time I go on a long trip, I will definitely bring my Asvel Luntus lunch box and tumbler. Want an Asvel product too? They have branches or stores in SM Home, MakeRoom, National Book Store, and Rustan's.


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