One Earth Organics: Skin Care Brand That Celebrates Diversity

I received a lot of questions on where to find organic skin care products in the Philippines. Including some tips on how they can start switching from using non-organic to organic products. My journey with healthy living started way back in 2013. Back then, I was having a hard time finding organic products in the market. With people getting into healthy lifestyle, we found a lot of brands offering such products. Now, you can easily find specialty stores selling all-natural and even organic skin care products such as One Earth Organics.

One Earth Organics

At One Earth Organics you can find a wide range of personal care from underarm kit, bath soaps, feminine wash, facial and body moisturizers, essential oils, make up. They also have slimming tea and coffee. Everything is made from plant and food-based ingredients including antioxidant blends. The line is free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors.

I received a personalized wooden box with my name in it from One Earth Organics. It comes with face and body soap, facial cleanser, antibacterial deo spray and a lot more. There's a bottle of rosehip oil too! Known for its amazing benefits, rosehip oil is safe and effective in keeping skin moisturized and healthy. It leaves skin soft and prevents from early signs of aging.

Holiday Gift Idea from One Earth Organics
Holiday Gift Idea from One Earth Organics

Acne Solution Hydrating Facial Cleanser
Acne Solution Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Pure Derma Grade Rosehip Oil
Pure Derma Grade Rosehip Oil

One Earth Organics
One Earth Organics

Natural beauty brand One Earth Organics goes far beyond selling organic skin care products. Grounded on the principle of enhancing natural beauty and maintaining it naturally through harmless, chemical-free solutions, the brand values beauty as something that is not skin-deep, but self-deep.

One Earth Organics Celebrates Diversity in New Campaign

The mantra serves as the light One Earth Organics aims to shine in its new campaign, titled “Celebrating Diversity”. Featuring eight personalities who champion various types of beauty, the movement encourages women to feel confident and valid, regardless of weight, age, color, gender orientation and skin condition. “Empowerment is everything,” One Earth Organics founder Tyffanie Anne Short said. “The concept is synonymous with the brand.”

One of the faces of the campaign is ageless fashion icon/ social media influencer Tessie Singson. At 65 years young, Singson is known in social media as @lolaandrogynous, celebrated for her unabashedly stylish fashion sense that reminds everyone that beauty knows no age. 
Two professional models are part of the campaign as well. One is Anna Panathera, who believes that everyone should accept diversity - not just the empowered, but more importantly, the critics. Another is Gelai Peñales, who used to be insecure about her weight, but has learned to accept that she “will never fit into the ‘perfect mold’ that society made.” “ I am already who I am meant to be," Peñales said.

Meanwhile, to look at insecurity as a source of strength is the advice that happily married mom Nek Orence wants to impart. Once ashamed of her stretch marks, Orence now considers the scars as “tiger stripes” for being able to bear a child. 
Professional volleyball player Aby Maraño shares the same message, saying to celebrate our differences is to our highlight our individuality. “Be your own kind of beauty,” she said. “How beautiful you are depends on how you see yourself,” added body positive advocate Gita Gumabao. “You don’t need assurance from other people because being secure in the love of God makes one beautiful. No one can tell you otherwise.” 
As for transgender make-up artist Gabrielle Moi, she has learned that beauty is not a feeling pending approval from other people, but a source of confidence and pride that comes from within. 
“Each of us has a unique look, unique body and unique skills,” said Arnold, who used to despise being “too tall.” “We don’t just believe our bodies are good, but we know they are good.” 
Learn more about One Earth Organics’ “Celebrating Diversity” campaign by following the brand on their page,  One Earth Organics Beauty and on Instagram at  @oneearthorganicsbeauty.

Beauty campaigns that promotes diversity and encourages women to feel comfortable of themselves  are amazing. Congratulations to One Earth Organics!


  1. This is one product should use miss marj using organic product is safe for all skin type and miss marj ang ganda ng campaign One earth organics..Yes women impowerment..


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