Organic Backyard Gardening: Why We Should Grow Our Own Food

Have you seen pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables? You can see them in tomatoes, ampalaya bitter gourd, broccoli and sweet bell peppers. Residues are results of using pesticide sprays in food in conventional agricultural practices polluting our soil, rivers and ocean. Pesticide and other chemicals are toxic to human beings that is why I decided to grow our own food.

Why I Started Backyard Gardening

My husband and I make constant effort of buying organic or naturally-grown, chemical-free food since 2015. We do not want to take risk after knowing the health hazard and dangers of conventional farming where they use chemicals and pesticide in our food. Several write ups and testimonies revealed cases of cancer and other diseases with continuous consumption of food sprayed and soaked in chemicals.

Dacara Farm in Bicol
Picking fruits at Dacara Farm in Bicol

Since organic fruits and vegetables are not always available in the supermarket, I decided to grown our own food. Only those that we regularly consume like lettuce, tomatoes, pechay, and some herbs.

To begin with, I decided to attend the Edible Landscaping seminar hosted by the Agricultural Training Institute a few weeks ago to learn ideas on how to start urban gardening even with small space. It could be challenging at the start but all you need is determination and patience. Learning from people who shares the same passion would be of great help. I joined several Organic Farming groups in social media to get insights and learn from their experiences.

One Seed at a Time

I woke up one morning so eager to start my urban gardening project. I pulled out my sleeves and start digging the soil.

I tried growing herbs in pots in the past. Many times I failed. They all died so I decided to grow plants to beautify the patio instead - santan, welcome plant and the likes. My pink bougainvillea seedling back in 2015 grew 10-12 feet tall and always blooming. I love hanging under the bougainvillea tree, just enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a book.

Backyard Farming

When I came back from Soccsksargen for another organic farm visit, that's when I take a step and started Backyard Gardening at home.

Preparing the soil for Edible Landscape

You will be faced with many challenges such as how to prepare the soil for edible gardening. While preparing for the soil, I bought potting mix to begin with.

Carbonized Rice Hull

Adding carbonized rice hull to the soil will improve its condition. Carbonized Rice Hull contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other micronutrients vital to growing crops. When mixed with other organic materials, it improves soil structure.

Why We Should Grow Our Own Food

Once your soil are ready. Get ready with the planting seeds. I bought seeds at True Value and the Handyman. You can also purchase online like Lazada and Shopee, just make sure to buy in legitimate shops. It's also best to shop at garden centers like Cedarhills Garden Center in Mother Ignacia.

You don't have to spend to grow your own food. Reuse, recycle items and use it for urban gardening. Egg trays for germination, collected bottled of mineral water for container gardening. Old storage boxes and containers just make sure to clean them before using.

Tomato Seedlings
Tomato Seedlings
Currently, I have eight tomato, two eggplant, mustard, calamansi, blueternate (blue butterfly pea) and lettuce seedlings. Growing plants from seeds is quite challenging but very fulfilling. It brings so much joy every time I see them grow. I am more excited and looking forward to harvesting time

Mustard Seedlings
Mustard Seedlings
There are many benefits of growing our own food. No need to settle for several days old green leafy vegetables at the supermarket. You can just pick herbs from the garden. I bet they are much more tastier, crunchier and healthier.

Organic Food For Good Health and Healing

For the last ten years, cancer has been a big threat to our family and I believe to other families as well. My grandmother was diagnosed of lung cancer stage 3A right after her retirement in 2006. Immediately, she submitted for cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation but the effects of chemotherapy are just devastating and toxic. While it kills cancer cell, the good cells are also affected. Unfortunately, she only lived for a year after the diagnosis. As one of her primary caregiver, I've seen these painful side effects of chemotherapy and the cancer per se. Cancer took everything from her - plans, strength, time and her life.

August 20: This is how my tomato seedling one and a half month after planting seed.
In the last two years, two of our loved left us after battling lung and colon cancers. This year, we were surprised with a news that another relative was diagnosed with the Big C. Aside from genetic, I truly believe that pesticide and chemicals in our food causes cancers. There's no harm in taking small steps to a healthy lifestyle and eating organic. In fact it is certainly beneficial to our health and overall well-being.

Eucalyptus Tree
Enjoying the view atop the Eucalyptus Tree

A farmer once told me "your food is your medicine." So why not treat our disease with the food we eat? Make sure they are made of natural ingredients, chemical and pesticide free. The only way we can be sure that we consume organic or chemical free food is to personally grow them.

In two months, I hope to have my first harvest. Do you have tips and insights about backyard gardening?

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