My Beijing Story Day 1: Lost in the City and a Lost Suitcase

We safely arrived in Beijing at 1215 am via Cebu Pacific Air. The flight was smooth and on time. I didn't sleep because I’m excited and full from the buffet dinner at Skyview Lounge.

Even inside the Beijing International Airport (PEK), we already felt the cold weather at zero degrees (0 degrees). By that time, most shops at the airport were closed except for the money changer.

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A Lost Baggage

At the airport carousel, all baggage and luggage were already collected except for one that looks like my Samsonite luggage. Most of the travelers had gotten their suitcase but there's one left. Oh no, I realized one of my suitcase was missing. It has mom's clothes and personal items. What to do when you lost a luggage at the airport? I have no idea, it was my first time to experience such hassle. I'm thankful two men from the aviation who assisted us, told me that they will track it and bring to my hotel the next day.

Despite the hassle, mom remains positive. She still smile and laugh despite the missing luggage. I could imagine the hassle without extra clothes and more importantly underwear and other personal items like soap, toothbrush etc. Her siblings lend her clothes, I gave her NEW underwear to use.

Lost in the City

The next day, we woke up early for breakfast and the tour at Forbidden City. We booked it at the hotel ( RMB 40 or Php 280 per person) to avoid long queues.

We thought Tiananmen Square is just a few minutes away, walking distance from Xin Hua Yuan hotel where we are staying but we're wrong. Xuanwomen is the nearest train station to Xin Hua Yuan but because we're so busy taking photos, we passed by and did not notice it.

We reached Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. Breakfast comprises of coffee, bread and sausage from a nearby convenience store. I also had my first purchase at the souvenir shop where I bought a pair of faux leather gloves. I had to wear double gloves to protect my hands from extreme winter cold.

We're supposed to go at Forbidden City but the group wanted to have dine. Unfortunately, finding a nearby restaurant at Forbidden City was very challenging.

We missed our tour in Forbidden City and decided to booked another tour, this time via Klook Travel and used my PayMaya to buy the tickets. Our itchy fit and curiosity brought us back to the gates of Mao Zedong  Museum, the gates that leads to the Forbidden City.

What’s inside the Unesco-listed Forbidden City, China’s largest and best-preserves heritage site? The Forbidden City is the world’s largest imperial palace and has more than 90 palace quarters and courtyards. Because of its unique beauty, the Forbidden City is extremely popular (swipe left to see the tourist crowd photographed last Saturday). There are shops where you can buy souvenir or gift items; makeup in a pretty packaging. We also found a coffee shop for a quick snack, coffee starts at RMB 10 or Php70.


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