New Starbucks Matcha Latte to Try in 2020

I never though I would like matcha. Now I love matcha, very matcha! When we visited Japan last year, I make sure to try matcha snacks, drinks and Japanese Matcha Chocolates. Hubby bought boxes of matcha mochi for pasalubong to friends and family. Whenever we would crave for it, Starbucks Matcha Frappuccino is the answer.

Starbucks kicks off 2020 introducing three new, elevated Matcha beverages - presenting up-leveled green tea and fun twists on tea lattes - that offer a pure and unadulterated Matcha experience.

No doubt, tea drinkers especially those Matcha fanatics will appreciate the authentic, all-natural tea, along with the option to customize the sweetness; while Matcha newbies will certainly enjoy first-time, tea drinking pleasure!

Awaken your taste buds with Teavana Roasted Soybean Matcha Latte. A soothing and velvety matcha latte highlighted with a toasted nutty note makes your winter time more comforting than ever before. The beverage is finished with a hint of mellow sweetness and molasses taste from Okinawa brown sugar. Taste the warmth in every sip! Available in hot and iced variants.

Teavana Black Sesame Matcha Latte is inspired by the familiarity and beloved taste of black sesame in Asia. Combing the mild nuttiness of black sesame with the rich and aromatic pure matcha, the beverage creates an alluring mouthfeel post-drinking. The mesmerizing taro foam, with taro powder sprinkled on top, takes the beverage to perfection visually and in taste. Available in hot and iced variants.

A returning favorite, Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte made with premium brown sugar and Starbucks signature espresso, topped with an airy milk foam and swirl of brown sugar drizzle, is sure to provide comfort and indulgence this season.

Matcha-waiting for, head over to the nearest Starbucks and try these matcha latte. Let me know what's your favorite.


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