My Shopping Experience Using The Puregold Mobile App "SALLY"

Weekend often means running errands for most of us. We hit the grocery store or pick up meals for the week. If schedule permits, I would meet clients or friends over coffee. Before doing my grocery shopping, would get a queue card at the bank if I have to do bank transactions. This morning I found an easier way to do the grocery with the new Puregold Mobile App.

Puregold Mobile App
Meet SALLY! Your Puregold Shopping Ally!

Sometime last week I saw a billboard along EDSA about a certain "SALLY". SALLY, where are you? I need you SALLY? Help me, SALLY! So who exactly is SALLY? Today at Puregold Shaw, we learned about SALLY. SALLY is coined term for Shopping Ally. This is what the newly launched Puregold Mobile stands for. The app was designed by Puregold and Globe Telecom to adapt to consumer's evolving needs and to keep pace with the technology in offering a better way to shop.

Puregold SALLY Mobile App
To use the Puregold Mobile app, just SCAN the BAR CODE
located at the back of the product

How to Use the new Puregold Mobile App, SALLY!

1. Download the app and register.
2. Choose the branch you would want to pickup your grocery bag.
3. Scan the bar code of the items you need ( usually found at the back ) of the product. You can do this anywhere as long as you have the bar code.
4. Add to cart.
5. You can choose to pay cash at the store, or use your credit/debit card. GCash option is also available.

Puregold SALLY Mobile App
SALLY, your Shopping Ally!

Puregold Supermarket
Puregold Supermarket
The assigned picker and bagger will put together your grocery items, while you wait. You can also come back to pick up at a later time. The app gives you the convenience to do other things like paying the bills or a quick visit at the salon and leave your grocery shopping with SALLY. With Puregold Mobile App, you will save time and skip the long lines in the cashier checkout. Download na the app available on Google Play and App Store.

Luis Manzano for Puregold
Luis Manzano, Puregold Brand Ambassador

The app has the "Order History" feature so you can easily reorder products on your next shopping. You see, it's very helpful especially for those who runs small business such as sari-sari store. Now it's time for you to get a shopping ally with Puregold's SALLY Mobile App. Share your experience, I would love to know them.


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