Black Soldier Fly: Beneficial Insects Help in Waste Processing

Our country generates about 35,000 tons of solid waste everyday and more than 8,000 tons per day in Metro Manila alone. With too much garbage, landfills may no longer be enough to accommodate the volume of waste material. No wonder we are facing health threat caused by virus and bacteria due to air pollution and contaminated water. We can do something about it if we only know how to properly segregate household garbage.

Kahariam Farm
Kahariam Farm

A new innovation that will help in waste management with the use of biodegradable waste was introduced by Kahariam Farms and Realty, Inc (KFRI)This project was conceptualized primarily to address the need for an effective system managing household, municipal and market wastes. Kahariam Farm has been passionate in implementing the reduce, reuse and recycle principle. They have come up with a technology that will make biodegradable waste useful by feeding to these cute maggots, the Black Soldier Fly.

Organic Farm in Batangas
Organic Farm in Batangas
This beautiful and well-manicured organic farm in Batangas houses millions of voracious eater called the Black Soldier Fly. The farm came up with a promising technology producing BSF. What's amazing is how these maggots convert biodegradable waste faster than the use of compost worms. These black flies can tolerate thermophilic decomposition unlike the compost worms.

Kahariam Organic Farm in Batangas
OA Bloggers Exploring Kahariam Farm
Sacks of Vermicast

Kahariam Organic Farm in Batangas
BSF has a sleek body and looks like a wasp. They are bigger than the fly that we often see in the garbage. BSF are great source of protein because of the food they eat. They are also rich in calcium and other nutrients.

In support of organic agriculture, BSF prepupae are better alternative to commercially available animal feeds. It also support efforts on solid waste management and organic agriculture.

Kahariam Organic Farm in Batangas
(left) Ms. Vilma Dimaculangan of Dept. of Agriculture, Mr. Manuel Bagatsing of Kahariam Farm with daughter Ria (in yellow shirt)

Black Soldier Fly Production
Black Soldier Fly Production

Black Soldier Fly Production
Black Soldier Fly larvae

Black Soldier Fly Production

We visited Kahariam Farms to see how this BSF technology works in agriculture. They are known into vermicomposting since 2007 and has dealt with all sorts of agricultural wastes from manure to plant debris. The farm have been processing hundreds of tons of waste materials everyday and has the effective technology called the Black Soldier Fly Production.

Kahariam Farm Tour

In this video you will understand more about the use of BSF and how they can be used in agriculture. I also highlight other fun things to do at the farm. If you liked it, please give me a thumbs up. I hope you will also SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

Kahariam Farm
Barangay Adya, Lipa City with its entrance between Barangay Calamias 
of Ibaan and Barangay Calamias of Lipa City.
Kahariam Farm offers day tour and overnight packages. 

Some says that the Black Soldier Fly could revolutionize the global food supply. Studies about the BSF are still ongoing. What I know is that these maggots could be of great help in waste management and agriculture. 


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