All-Natural Soap from Diwatang Maria

Our skin is the first thing that people notices whenever they see us. Are you confident with your own skin? I know a lot of people wants to have achieve a beautiful skin. It's a struggle to some who are suffering from skin problems due to illness or probably, related to hereditary. Whatever it is, taking care of our skin is a must simply because it's the first line of defense against microorganism causing sickness.

Diwatang Maria Soap
Most of the time, skin allergies and other skin disease are caused by products that are too harsh in our skin. I'm a fan of organic soaps and those that are made with all-natural ingredients. It all started when I was treating my husband's acne and skin allergies. I became more cautious of the fabrics we use especially on towels and pillow cases and still he suffers from pimples. Until we tried an all-natural soap. With regular use, I noticed his skin brightens with less pimples.

As for me, I love all-natural facial soap because it's non-irritating to the skin. Organic soaps are also made with minimal or no harsh ingredients so it won't dry my skin. I've been using Diwatang Maria organic soaps for about a week now. Each bar of soap comes in a pretty packaging.

Diwatang Maria Soap
Diwatang Maria Kojic Soap, Oatmeal Papaya and Cacao soap

I like that the soap has very mild scent. I can also say that it's really made of all-natural ingredients because it's not harsh to the skin even to the intimate area. The ingredients also keeps my skin moisture. I use Diwatang Maria when taking a bath in the morning and shower before bedtime. 

All-natural soap in Diwatang Maria

A local start-up brand, Diwatang Maria combines the power of science and passion to give Filipinos access to effective, achievable, and sustainable skincare. “We offer high-quality and locally made organic soaps that help your skin achieve that healthy glow to which the diwatas are known for,” shares Ma. Concepcion Macalintal, founder and CEO of Diwatang Maria.

The company was founded in 2018 when she saw the need to provide beauty products that will not only help consumers attain the results from the products they are using, but also to embrace a business ethic that provides consumers ‘green beauty’ products that are natural, organic, safe, free from harmful and toxic ingredients, and safe to the environment.

Diwatang Maria recently introduced its three pilot products, namely Mariang Makiling, Mariang  Sinukuan, and Mariang Cacao.

When I think of Maria Makiling, I remember my childhood days when we used to go to a resort near Maria Makiling in Laguna. Is it Pansol? I'm not sure if it's still open. In Philippine mythology, Maria Makiling is a diwata living in Mount Makiling. According to old stories, Maria Makiling is beautiful just like other fairies.

Kojic Soap
Makiling Kojic Soap

The Diwatang Maria Makiling soap is made with Papaya Enzyme and Kojic Acid, which is an organic compound derived from fungi and malting of rice known to be effective in improving the appearance of melasma and hyperpigmentation. Diwatang Maria Makiling soap also uses Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera that work best to prevent acne and blemishes. Its rich lather leaves the skin healthy and glowing.

If you're a fan of oatmeal in soaps, you should try the Diwatang Maria Sinukuan soap. It contains Oatmeal Kernel and Colloidal Oatmeal that help your  skin free from irritation and itching. Perfect for sensitive skin, Diwatang Maria Sinukuan combines the power of Papaya Enzyme, Glutathione, and Kojic Acid to provide your skin the antioxidants that keep the skin healthy, clean, and glowing. It also contains coconut oil and aloe vera, together with oatmeal, they form a trio of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory lather for healthy and radiant skin.

Diwantang Maria Cacao
Diwantang Maria Cacao

Among the three, I got more interested with the the cocoa variant, the Diwantang Maria Cacao. It's a chocolate-scented Diwatang Maria Cacao nourishes the skin through the skin-enhancing benefits from Oatmeal Kernel, Colloidal Oatmeal, and Shea Butter. The powerful moisturizing effect of this trio helps the skin to delay aging and boosts the production of collagen.

For mom-prenuers and those who are looking for extra income especially this time of pandemic, Diwatang Maria invites entrepreneurial individuals to join Diwatang Maria as distributors or resellers. 
Diwatang Maria is available in Lazada and Shoppee. For more information, you may visit their page here. Follow them on page here, hereDiwatang Maria soaps retail at P128/bar and are available in Lazada and Shopee. 

What I love most about the Diwatang Maria products are all-natural, paraben-free, and free of other harmful ingredients. Have you tried Diwatang Maria? What's your favorite variant? 


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