Tech This Week: Devant in Lazada, Pay Your Life Insurance Premium with PayMaya

Watching movies and KDrama has been our favorite past time since the beginning of quarantine in March. We already finished three Korean Drama series "A World of Married Couple", we're now at episode 15 of Itaewon Class. Watching films especially funny movies helped us to relax amidst this crisis. The stories also became our favorite conversation during meal time.

Devant TV Price

We watch in our tablet and smartphones, I bet it would be nice to watch a film in a bigger screen. If you're looking for a new television, this July, Devant gives you even more reasons to stay at home, safe with your loved ones. On July 7, watch out for incredible deals at the Grand Launch of the Devant Flagship Store in Lazada. I heard that there are exciting offers with big deals including huge discounts, vouchers, and premium item freebies.

Take a look at these 5 fantastic ways that you can use your Devant TV to enhance family bonding moments at home.

1. Watching films and TV shows as a family tops this list. With pre-installed Netflix and YouTube, your favorites are all just a click away. The shared anticipation of waiting together for the next episode adds to the fun and excitement, too!

2. Beyond entertainment, talking about scenes and situations seen on-screen can also serve as an opportunity for teaching important life lessons. Spending extra time talking to your children about meaningful, and even controversial moments from movies and TV programs can also help forge deeper bonds between you and your family members.

Devant Smart TV

3. An awesome Smart TV from Devant can help you get active together as a family. Use your TV as a speaker by switching on audio-only mode, connect your phone via Bluetooth, blast your favorite songs, and dance away. Work up a sweat while having fun and building memories with your loved ones at home.

4. Use the VEWD App Store to search for games that you can enjoy as a family. Whether it’s puzzle games to solve with smaller kids or trivia challenges to play with older ones, you’re sure to find an app that fits your family’s needs and wants.

5. As the start of the school year draws near, you can use your Devant TV as a learning tool at home. Online classes, arts and crafts sessions, even cooking and home improvement videos are great resources that can be accessed with ease using the right Smart TV.

Here are just a few of the special offers you will find at the Devant Flagship Store Grand Launch.

▪ Devant 40STV102 40” Smart TV with full HD 1920x1080 display, Linux OS, and pre-installed Netflix, YouTube and TV Browser. Get it for only PHP12,450.
▪ Devant 49DT001 with Full HD 1920x1080 display, built in ISDB-T receiver, with USB Ports to view media files on your television, and HDMI-ready. Don’t miss this good deal at P 14,500.
▪ Devant 43UHD201 43” SMART UHD TV with 3640x2160 4K display resolution, Vidaa U Operating System, VEWD App Store, Bluetooth Function, and Anyview Cast. Take this home for only PHP 18,850.
▪ Devant 55UHD201 55” SMART UHD TV, also with 3640x2160 4K display resolution, Vidaa U Operating System, VEWD App Store, Bluetooth Function, and Anyview Cast. Get this at a discounted price of PHP 26,500.
▪ Devant 65UHD201 65” SMART UHD TV, also with 3640x2160 4K display resolution, Vidaa U Operating System, VEWD App Store, Bluetooth Function, and Anyview Cast. You can have this for only PHP 43,600. 

Devant available in Lazada
Devant available in Lazada

Be sure to catch this exclusive promo at the Devant Flagship Store on Lazada on July 7. Great discounts and exclusive offers on Big Screen TVs await at the Devant Flagship Store Grand Launch on Lazada.


You Can Use PayMaya in Paying 

Your Life Insurance

Cashless payment/transaction has been very helpful in preventing the spread of corona virus. My friends who just put up a small business selling baked goodies accepts cashless payment via PayMaya. Another friend of mine sells bottled preservatives, he personally delivers the product and accepts payments through PayMaya.

Cheap Life Insurance
Affordable Life Insurance with Health Benefits

Shopping online is a lot more easier now when you have an e-wallet. Even paying the bills and even life insurance can be settled with PayMaya.

How to Pay Sun Life insurance with PayMaya

As a financial advisor, I recommend to my clients to settle their premiums through bank deposit or using PayMaya instead of making deposit over-the-counter. This will prevent them from possible exposure to the virus.

Paying your Sun Life insurance using PayMaya is so easy. Just log in to your PayMaya mobile app and choose bills, look for Sun Life Canada enter the account number, amount you need to pay and product type (Traditional or VUL). Once payment has been made, you will also receive a text message. Make sure to screen capture your proof of payment. 

I hope this simple tutorial on how to get a Sun Life insurance and pay with PayMaya. Interested to get a life insurance? Send me a private message and get a free quote.


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