Easy-Tuna Sandwich Recipe with San Miguel Del Mar Tuna

Who loves tuna sandwich for breakfast or snacks? It's one of my favorites when it come to sandwich filling. Tuna is rich with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids that's good for the health. Tuna sandwich is my favorite baon when traveling or going to work because it's simple and easy-to-prepare. Today, I will be sharing an easy to prepare sandwich recipe using San Miguel Del Mar Tuna canned tuna.

San Miguel Del Mar Tuna
San Miguel Del Mar Tuna recipe
San Miguel Food's first entry to the canned tuna category, San Miguel Del Mar stands out from other brands, as it is made from 100% pure tuna chunks, with no extenders and no preservatives. For only P61 per can, you will enjoy a tasty but not too salty, chunky tuna. It's great for many dishes but also perfect to consume as it is just serve with steamed rice. It's available in easy-to-open can so you can bring it anywhere.

Available in two variants, Chunks in Vegetable Oil and Chunks in Water, San Miguel Del Mar Tuna is rich in Omega 3, which helps prevent and manage heart disease, and protein, which is crucial for our bodies to grow, repair tissue, create essential hormones and enzymes, and support our immune systems.

Finally, I would like to share my simple Tuna Recipe using the San Miguel Del Mar Tuna


1 can San Miguel Del Mar Tuna
1/4 cup Mayonnaise
1 small red onion
chopped dill
pepper to add more flavor
White bread, raisin wheat bread or pandesal will do.

San Miguel Del Mar Tuna Recipe
Easy Tuna Sandwich Recipe

Served in your favorite loaf bread or hot pandesal for breakfast or snacks with coffee or any beverage you would like. I hope you will try this simple recipe using the San Miguel Del Mar Tuna. For more easy-to-follow recipes, just visit this page www.LivingMarjorney.com.


  1. I love this recipes ang sarap niya tignan miss marj.
    Thank you for sharinng this recipes..


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