SM Cares and Safeguard Providing #SafeMallingAtSM

For the first time since March, hubby and I went out to do our grocery shopping and pay our bills at SM North. Even if there's a SM hypermarket that is just walking distance from home, we still go at SM North because it's complete. Aside from paying the bills at SM Bills Payment, I had to quickly go to SM Appliances to get an affordable stand mixer for baking. We had lunch at Chili's located at the first floor of SM The Block afterwards.

Shopping at SM Supermalls amidst Pandemic
Shopping at SM Supermalls amidst Pandemic

There was a short queue before we were allowed to get inside the supermarket but nevertheless, there are chairs for customers waiting in line. Before you enter the supermarket, you were encourage to apply disinfectant on your hands. It's readily available at the entrance. I bought veggies and fresh produce including fish and meat. Compared before, now they already provided liquid soap at the lavatory sink located at the fish section.

Safe Hands at SM Supermalls
Proper Handwashing to prevent Covid-19

Learn the Proper Handwashing

Did you know that there are proper steps of handwashing? SM Cares and Safeguard team up for the #SafeHandsAtSM campaign to educate and encourage people to practice the five steps of proper handwashing – especially in this time of pandemic.
“As part of our safe malling commitment, handwashing is our first line of defense against illnesses, and is also crucial during a global health crisis. We very excited to partner with Procter & Gamble’s safeguard, the leading brand in health and personal care, to raise awareness on the importance of this matter,” said SM Supermalls President Mr. Steven Tan.
Safeguard Liquid Soap
Safeguard Products - Liquid Soap soap, Safeguard Micellar, Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap and Safeguard Natural Detox bar soap

To ensure that all areas of your hands are properly washed, simply follow these steps: (1) wash palms; (2) back of hand; (3) in between fingers; (4) fingernails; (5) and thumbs, and keep scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. Afterward, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly, since good handwashing is our most effective shield and protection from all kinds of viruses.

Safe Hands at SM
Safeguard and SM Supermalls Partnership for Safe Hands at SM

“Safeguard, being 54 years in the country, has become much of a household name. From our beige bar soap from long ago to our hand sanitizers and liquid hand soap now, we have always committed ourselves to serve the needs of the Filipino people, just like SM has. And in the same way, I believe that both have been ingrained so much in Filipino culture that it is only natural to do this partnership,” said Procter & Gamble Vice President for Skin & Personal Care Ms. Shweta Sharma.
As part of the #SafeHandsAtSM campaign, Safeguard has made its liquid hand soap available in restrooms of all SM malls across the country to help the community fight the spread disease-causing germs. Information materials on the five steps of handwashing are also deployed in restrooms and high-traffic areas in SM to remind customers while in the mall.

Safeguard Liquid Soap will be available in all restrooms of SM Supermall
Safeguard Liquid Soap will be available in all restrooms of SM Supermalls

This partnership with Safeguard forms part of SM’s programs to ensure Safe Malling as all SM malls continue to carry out strict safety and sanitation measures to assure the community that the malls are safe, clean, and compliant with health and sanitation protocols over and above government regulations. Through simple efforts like washing your hands, not only are you  protecting yourself, but those around you. To know more about #SafeHandsAtSM, visit and


  1. Hand wash with safeguard is one way the fight germs and viruses.


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