Discovering NUA Organics Soap and Body Oil

With many skin care products in the market, how do you choose the one for you? Sometimes, I think some of them are just too good to be true. Others claim to be all-natural but as you check on the label, you’ll find harsh ingredients from scent and alcohol. I’ve tried the simple 3 steps to complicated 8 steps skin care routine until I found the one that works on my skin. My routine now is simple and products are made with natural ingredients.

NUA Organics Face and Body Soap and Body Oil

I’ve been using body and facial oils for several years now. It all started when I did gua sha facial and I needed a facial oil. I noticed that the oil was easily absorbed by the skin. My skin is more radiant and soft. It also prevents my skin from dryness. Since then I added facial oils in my beauty arsenal.

When I received a kit from NUA Organics, I got excited. I was particularly interested in Cupuacu, pronounced as “ku.ˌpu.a.ˈsu, the main ingredient in NUA Body Oil and Soap. Cupuaçu, is a fruit rich in vitamins, fatty and amino acids, as well as antioxidants that is harvested from the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

The cupuaçu fruit is a popular ingredient used in numerous South American delicacies; while the fruit’s pulp and seeds are where the skin-nourishing cupuaçu butter and oil are sourced. Because of Cupuaçu’s extremely low melting point, the cupuaçu butter can easily melt into the skin. The addition of locally harvested premium-grade coconut oil into the mix allows the cupuaçu butter’s ultra-hydrating and moisture-boosting properties to get sealed in, without the heavy, greasy feel that you usually get from most skincare products.

NUA Organics Online Launch as hosted by Cessca Litton
with CEO Cathy Salimbangon

Take the New You Challenge with NUA

Now, how did NUA, with its amazing secret ingredient from the Brazilian rainforest, get to the Philippines? NUA skincare product line that is being marketed by Organique Skincare Inc., the same company who manufactures and distributes a famous health drink, Organique Acai.

Aesthetic Dermatologist and Medical Director of
Clinica Figura Dr. Sarah Barba-Cabodil 

“The word NUA means ‘naked’. That name was chosen because the brand is ‘naked,’ free of chemicals, toxins and unwanted preservatives. It is organic and all-natural because NUA believes in enhancing one’s own beauty, rather than changing it.” Shares Martina, the daughter of Elton and Cathy Salimbangon, the dynamic duo behind Organique. 

Cathy Salimbangon, Martina’s mom and Organique Skincare chief executive shares how to use NUA Organics.

"Start by lathering up using NUA soap, and then apply a thin layer of NUA body oil after rinsing. The result is skin that retains moisture longer, thanks to all-natural ingredients packed with phytosterols that boost skin hydration as well as antioxidants that fight free radicals. And all these happen, she notes, without clogging up your pores or leaving that all-too-familiar greasy feel that is typical of super-moisturizing products."

The special date of October 10 (10.10) went beyond being auspicious, into something 'beautiful' as NUA Organics held their official online launch via Facebook Live on their Facebook Page. It was hosted by no less than the beautiful Cesca Litton-Kalaw. She was joined by beautiful women including Binibing Pilpinas 2019 1st runner-up Bb. Samantha Bernardo, among others. Aesthetic dermatologist and Medical Director of Clinica Figura Dr. Sarah Barba-Cabodil was also part of the panelist who shed some light on the benefits of skin superfood cupuacu.

NUA invited us to discover the "New You" during their virtual product launch the other day. Discover the benefits of cupuacu butter from NUA, you may order through their Facebook Page at NUA Organics soap retails at P249 while the 350ml body oil costs P799.

NUA Body Oil with Cupuacu

I've been using NUA soap and body oil for almost a week now. I like how it is easily absorbed by the skin. It's non-greasy so you can re-apply as often as you like. The soap is gentle to the skin and both have very mild and lightly sweet scent.


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