My Amway Healthy Holiday Goodies

I received a package from Amway which comes with their best-sellers and well-loved products. Since I've already tried these products before, it would be great to share my experience using each one of them. Amway is a global direct selling company that offers a wide range of food supplements, healthy drinks to skin care products. They are known for their Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder. It was launched here in the Philippines in 2013 which I also attended. 

Amway Food Supplements
Amway Best-selling Products

Nutrilite All Plant Protein claims to provide complete high-quality protein from plants. With a unique protein tri-blend from soy, wheat, and pea that promotes dietary variety aligned with Nutrilite Philosophy. It's vegetarian friendly, cholesterol free. Also good for people who are lactose intolerant.

I've tried Nutrilite and I like it mixed with hot chocolate. I like the aroma of Nutrilite but it doesn't affect or change the flavor of the beverage. Now, I have the Nurtilite Protein Mixed Berries flavor. 

Amway XS Energy Drink

They also sent me boxes of Amway XS Energy Drink. This energy drink has no sugar and only 10 calories per can. Amway XS is packed with B vitamins. However it has caffeine. Amway XS comes in different flavors, I had the cranberry-grapes today. It tastes like regular juice with fizz. There’s a little aftertaste which I assume because of the vitamins. Tomorrow, I'll have the citrus variant. 

Amway XS Energy Drink
Amway XS Energy Drink in Cranberry and Citrus

Here are some Amway food supplements, Double X and Nutrilite Phyto-power. The latter comes in a powder form, just mix in a glass of water (I prefer cold or add ice) and you'll have a delicious drink. 

Amway Phyto Powder

G & H Body Soap
G & H Bodywash and body milk 

Amway Home Multi-Purpose Cleanser

To be honest, the Amway Home Multi-Purpose Cleanser is one of my favorite cleaning solution. It works well on cleaning surfaces, floors and tiles. It easily removes dust, molds and grime build-up. The solution is thick so you just have to use a small amount in a bucket of water. The Amway cleanser also gives a fresh scent after cleaning.

Best All-Purpose Cleaner
Best All-Purpose Cleaner

Thank you Amway for sending these healthy holiday goodies. Health is utmost important now. Consuming healthy food with the right amount of supplements will boost our immune system. 


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