Creating Realistic Goals for 2021

On New Year's day, I started writing notes, devotions, and personal goals on my Yellow Starbucks Planner. I have a long "to do" list for the month of January alone. With courage and discipline, some of them were crossed out as of this writing. Creating a list of the things you want to achieve will help you focus on your goals. 

Health Goals

Healthy Meals to Start the Day

One of the tips I'd like to share with you in order to meet your goals is to write it down. Why? When you write down your thoughts, ideas you won't easily forget them. You can always go to your list and review if you've already accomplished anything. Make sure to create realistic goals for 2021. For example, you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Ask yourself how are you going to attain that. Maybe you want to lose weight so you must avoid too much sweet, carbohydrates and must include exercise in your routine. We must stick to our goals in order to achieve it.

Financial Planning and Preparedness

When it comes to finances, I am creating my 2021 Budget. It has our monthly earnings, expenses, savings, and investment. We've learned a lot from last year's beginning of pandemic; Covid-19 greatly affected the economy. People lost jobs, many entrepreneurs had no choice but to close their business. In March last year, we decided to get a Critical Illness plan. It's a life insurance with health coverage. This plan covers 114 major and minor critical illnesses. If you are interested about life insurance, you can privately message me for a financial wellness/planning session. 

Home Organization

Even our weekly menu is written in a scratch paper and posted in front of the fridge. This will help me save time, energy, electricity and money from cooking too much food. It will also help me stick to the monthly budget allocated on food.

Let's begin the new year right and courageous. Focus on achieving our goals if not met we can review and modify. But keep in mind that God's plan are better than ours. Let's always ask His blessings and allow the holy spirit to guide us. Have a blessed New Year 2021.


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