Starting the New Year in a Hopeful Way

The cold weather makes me want to stay longer in bed, to rest and get more sleep. But when I stare at the window, I get excited for the new day. I'm a morning person and I love waking up as early as six in the morning. My day starts with a prayer, I love reading a bible verse while having a cup of coffee. Currently, I'm studying basic theology through our church Step Class every Wednesday nights. This January, we started the session about the Son of God.

Thank you 2020!

We've seen how this pandemic suddenly changed the way we live. I know people who got sick and even lost a loved one because of Covid-19. Seven of my relatives got sick of Covid-19 sometime in August. Thankfully, they had a very mild symptom except for one but with God's mercy and healing, she survived Covid-19.

I can still remember the first day when Metro Manila was placed on lockdown due to Covid-19. Even if we strictly follow health protocols, sometimes I'm still scared that I or the people I love might get infected. My prayers is for the pandemic to end and that the virus will simply disappear. For the longest time we stayed home. Some of us felt isolated and depressed. On the other hand, we’re blessed with technology. We can talk and see our family and loved ones even if they are far away. It makes isolation bearable. Imagine if this pandemic happened during the time when there’s no internet connection? 

Do you still remember the video I created showing I dealt with the anxiety?


At the end of the day, I realized how blessed I am. Worrying will not bring any good. Instead of worrying, I tried to divert my attention. Baking is one of the lockdown activities I enjoyed. Our house needs more organization and I find this a perfect time to do decluttering. So I started with my closet, then our bedroom to our kitchen. I’m still working on our living room though. You see, there’s a lot of things to do and I’m not yet done decluttering until now.

Christmas and New Year in Pandemic

We celebrated the holidays at home, away from our relatives because we don’t want to take the risk. This year, there were no gatherings and family reunions. A few days before Christmas, we sent presents to our friends and family. Sharing some of the products we received from our partner brands and PR companies. We were able to share the blessings to others just like these boxes of Purefoods hotdog and Purefoods Fiesta Ham that we received. I also sent bottles of Clearex dishwashing and laundry soap. 

We bid goodbye to 2020 and welcomed the new year with high hopes and prayers. Happy New Year to all!


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