Travel | My Trip to The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square Pre-Pandemic

I wonder what traveling will look like after pandemic. Definitely, it is one of the things I look forward to after this crisis. Although I am not expecting it to be the same like before, but I hope and pray that we can all go back to what we used to be. And as we wait for that day to come, I will enjoy the things I learned during the quarantine. These old photos and videos reminds me of the happy days we had - where we can eat together, laugh and hug freely.

When in Beijing, China you must visit the Forbidden City. The famous Tiananmen Square, the Palace Museum, the great halls and galleries are the main attractions inside the Forbidden City. The Palace Museum has 1000 rooms and beautiful gardens. In 1987, the Forbidden City was listed as a World Heritage Site.

The Forbidden City
Mao Zedong Memorial Hall at The Forbidden City / Dec. 2019

Our trip to the Forbidden City was scheduled on our 2nd day in Beijing but was cancelled. We already bought our tickets upon arrival at the hotel and there was no way to refund or re-scheduled it. Sayang but I really wanted to see this place. My sister, cousins and I decided to buy tickets to Forbidden City again and went there the following day. Allow me to share a photo blog of our half-day tour at the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City in December
my sister Tina in her cute pink winter jacket 

From Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, the red gates will lead you to Forbidden City.

Forbidden City
A huge crowd traveling in winter season

Forbidden City
Beautiful palace!

Winter season in Beijing
The crowd in Forbidden City, Beijing

The giant red door to Forbidden City

Here's the giant red door to Forbidden City. The Palace Museum was so big, it would take you about three to four hours to explore it. There are few souvenir shops where you can purchase perfume, makeup, traditional Chinese costume and other Chinese souvenir items. I wanted the lipstick and powder because of their vintage packaging. We also found a shop selling snacks, we had coffee and pastries just to fill our tummies. Then we went to Wangfujing district for a sumptuous Chinese lunch where we had authentic Peking Duck.

Beijing EatsBeijing Eats

We had something like silken mapo tofu, hong ma, peking duck and this interesting drink that taste like peanut butter. It was a sumptuous meal, we really enjoyed it.

How to wear shawl
One cold morning in Beijing

One of the challenges we experienced while traveling around Beijing is the communication barrier. Most of the people we talked to do not speak nor understand English so we had a hard time when asking for location. Not to mention their internet censorship, we cannot access Facebook nor use Google to search and find something, you need VPN for access. Overall, I still enjoy this trip with my family. 


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