Reflecting on Recent Accomplishments

Amidst the challenging times, there is always something to be thankful for. The opportunity to write this story and share my reflections alone was already a grace from above. I was reflecting on my recent achievements and felt so thankful for the opportunities especially during this difficult time. Allow me to share them with you.

Reflecting on Recent Accomplishments
Reflecting on Recent Accomplishments

Baking is a new hobby for me. I started making breads during the first lockdown in Manila in March 2020. I started making banana loaf using the Maya Banana Cake Mix. I decided to try my hands with kneading so I baked my first pandesal. "Salt bread" is the Spanish term for pandesal. My first batch of pandesal came out so tough and heavy like a stone. The experience did not stop me from baking simply because I love bread. Besides, I think I really need to learn how to bake. The thought of sending my family delicious, freshly baked bread has become an encouragement for me to practice baking during free time. I did not know that this new hobby would bring me to becoming one of the Maya Home Cooks.

Baking with Maya Kitchen
I made Coffee Bun for our life group friends 

Maya chose six foodies to be part of the first ever Maya Home Cooks. It was an honor to join other fellow foodies and epicure like Ms. Nina Puyat, Berlin Domingo, Jen Maslang, Jessa Acosta, and Rio Francisco. This is not just to show IG-worthy photos of our creations, the goal is to share with you, especially to newbie bakers and cook easy to follow, delightfully delicious recipes. With Hotcakes and more products by your side, I know that you can also create healthy meals for your family. Baking can be a fun, relaxing activity as well. Have you seen my garden focaccia, golden brioche, banana cake with streusel, simple white loaf bread, and pancakes? Don't worry, I promise to share the recipe on this blog very soon. Meanwhile, you might want to try my Hokkaido Milk Bread recipe which was featured in When in Manila last year. 

The Maya Home Cooks
The Maya Home Cooks

When we talk about self-care, the first thing that comes to our mind is about skin care, makeup, hair care. Self-care is a big word, it covers mental, emotional and also spiritual care.

Due to pandemic, I have to plan well our expenses, prioritizing only the basic and most important things like food, housing, health, and premiums (insurance). Other things were set aside. I would admit that the crisis affected me as well. In the beginning of pandemic, I was so afraid and anxious until I learned how to manage my anxieties starting with prayers and then self-care.

We don't have to spend so much on beauty products. Avon, for example, has been my favorite brand since I was a teenager. Offering a wide range of beauty, personal and even home care products that are affordable and of good quality. Even when just staying at home, I still wear light makeup and dress up like going to work. It helps me focus more on the work and accomplish my goals for the day. 

Me and Ms. Diane Querer, you can check the entire album on Avon's FB Page

Avon Imari Rouge
Avon Imari Rouge

This year, Avon celebrates their 43rd years in the industry and I am so honored to be part of this important milestone. Together with fellow Filipinas, Avon has chosen me as one of the 43 Enrouged Empowered Women. The celebration also features Avon's famous Imari Rouge perfume. I love its floral woody musk fragrance. The scent even lasts for several hours. I invite you to visit Avon on their Facebook Page and meet the other 42 inspiring Filipinas.

Avon Enrouged Empowered Women
Avon Enrouged Empowered Women

I've been wanting to join the Write to Ignite Blogging Project but I could not find the time to write a good story. I published my entry a few minutes before the deadline. Not expecting to much, I just want to share my story. Someone out there may be needing some advise on how we handled our Covid experience. It's not easy to be sick and it's so sad to be a caregiver as well.

Last but not the least, I am also thankful that my story was included in the Top 40 of Write to Ignite Blogging Project 2. On my blog, I shared how I am coping with the challenges amidst the pandemic.

Top 40 Write to Ignite Blogging Project 2
Top 40 Write to Ignite Blogging Project 2, complete list on Comco's FB Page

Special thanks to Maya Hotcakes and More, The Maya Kitchen and Buensalido PR; Avon and Mullenlowe PR; ComCo Southeast Asia, with Eastern Communications and Jobstreet as co-presenters, with AirAsia and Xiaomi Philippines for Write to Ignite Blogging Project.

When was the last time you reflected on your achievements and success? Reflecting on our achievements will make us feel confident and empowered. Reflecting helps raise self-awareness and help us understand our self more. What are you grateful for today? Leave your comments below.


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