Tips to Avoid Becoming Victims of "Vishing"

I've recently been receiving a number of random phone calls from bank and telecommunication companies, sometimes even while in the middle of a meeting, just to offer me a new plan, an extension card, or something else I don't need. Even while busy, I try to be courteous by declining their offer properly; at the risk of the repeated offers becoming annoying.

Beware of Scammers

But what raised my concern, is a new internet security term called Vishing, I recently became aware of. For the unfamiliar, it's actually a verbal form of the more common phishing, where a criminal, through a phone call, steals your personal information, money, and even identity. At the same time, a friend shared to me about CallApp as a solution to this concern. Here's the download link: I will discuss this further below after discussing vishing.

Vishing usually starts with the caller introducing himself as coming from a reputable company or from the government, and attempting to obtain sensitive information such as your birthday, address, username, password and credit card details.

There are also instances wherein the predator would pretend to be a close friend or family member of someone who needs money during an emergency. He/she may even tell you a certain amount to pay an outstanding invoice such as a hospital bill. This has been a modus operandi of certain criminals, taking advantage of the current Covid-19 crisis.

Vishing can vary from a simple story to the more complicated scenarios where scammers do their research about their target victims readily getting hold of their email address and contact numbers. Once they have it, they would call the victim and try their best to sound very concerned and prod victims-to-be to provide details of their bank account or credit card.

Add to that cases of online purchases which has more than doubled in this time of pandemic.

Online Shopping Safety
Never Provide Your Personal & Essential Information to Anyone

Another example is a Tech Support Fraud where a caller pretends to be working from a reputable tech company. He would tell you that they noticed an unusual activity on your account and would like to confirm it. The criminal will then ask for more details.

We should be very careful as they can sound real convincing.

Tips to avoid becoming victims of "Vishing"

1) Avoid Answering Phone Calls from Strangers 


Have you experienced receiving phone calls with unknown numbers showing up your screen? Relax, do not get startled. If it is really important, they would probably call again.

If in doubt, do not answer phone calls from unknown numbers altogether.

2) Look for Red Flags


If ever you decide to answer stranger calls during possible emergencies, raise your level of alertness and look for red flags during the conversation.

Be wary of a criminal's manipulative language and don't panic in case you encounter one. Stay calm.
Protect yourself from scams!
Protect yourself from scams!

3) Never Provide Your Personal & Essential Information to Anyone


Predators are usually after your address, birthday, password, PIN, or security numbers. Even a bank will not ask for it. If you receive a suspicious phone call, report it immediately to your bank or credit card company.


You may also opt to call a friend or family member to let them know about this suspicious call. Having someone to talk to can clear your mind in times of uneasiness.

4) Installing a Tool on Your Smartphone like CallApp 


Certain tools or mobile applications like CallApp can help you block fraud calls and know the true caller ID including their name, photo, birthday and even social media info. Here's the CallApp download link:


You can automatically block calls that are spam calls or unknown numbers. The Message ID identifies messages from unsaved numbers.

CallApp can help you block fraud calls
The Dialer & Contacts app features allow you to manage your incoming and outgoing calls using their free caller ID, spam call blocker, true call recordings & dialer app.
Install CallApp and Prevent Vishing
Install CallApp and Prevent Vishing 


Another interesting feature of CallApp is the Video Ringtones. You can customize the incoming caller screen with videos or display videos as ringtone.

Choose between different themes to make your calling experience even better.

Moreover, CallApp can also record incoming and outgoing calls easily. This feature is available on any android phone and available for download on Play Store.

Install CallApp and Prevent VishingCallApp on Android
CallApp on Android
CallApp identifies unknown numbers
CallApp offers several features that can help protect you from Vishing. Upgrading the app to premium provides additional features like Caller ID in social media apps & SMS; and even have incognito calls for ultimate privacy whether it's for business or personal use.

CallApp for Android
CallApp is available for free on Android
With CallApp, you now know who is the real caller behind the call. CallApp is also available on WEAR OS. Here's the download link:

Protect yourself against these scams! If you are in doubt, hang up. Never give personal information or transfer money to someone you do not know. Avoid becoming a victim of  Vishing!


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