NRAM 2021: Run For Rice Kick Off!

Traveling has provided me with great opportunities to explore and get to know more about our culture. I met people along the way and learned many things from their stories. Back in 2013, I was invited by a friend to join an overnight tour at Costales Nature Farms. The farm tour was a great kick off to start my journey towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Planting Rice in Felicidad Orchard Farm
Planting Rice in Felicidad Orchard Farm

In one of our trips in General Santos City, we got to experience planting rice for the first time. As the old folk song says, "magtanim ay di biro, di naman makaupo, maghapon nakayuko". My whole body was full of sweat after the activity. It was an amazing experience but I must say it wasn't easy! 


NRAM 2021: Virtual Kick Off

Every month of November we celebrate the National Rice Awareness Month. This annual celebration of NRAM aims to increase public awareness on rice towards addressing issues on malnutrition and poverty, and help attain self-sufficiency. 

Run for Rice!
Run for Rice!

Run For Rice Virtual Kick Off!

The campaign is an innovative campaign inspired by the Department of Agriculture’s Run for Rice and features select Filipino social media influencers aged 15-60 years old who ran, or will be running, remotely for a total of 5 kilometers throughout the month of November, while sharing insights relevant to this year’s theme, “Be RICEponsibly Healthy” on their respective online platforms.

Part I Run For Rice: Running to catch the sunset in Puka Beach

In response to the invitation, I pack my running shoes and yoga leggings during my one week vacation in Boracay where I did the first 2km Run for Rice from Belmont Hotel Boracay in Newcoast station going to Puka Beach. Joining me is my friend, Ay Lin of The Daily Posh. 

We left the hotel around 4pm. The weather was great which makes conducive for running. For safety, we asked the friendly hotel staff how to get to Puka Beach from Newcoast. You can actually ride an e-tricycle or walk going to the beach but we did run-walk-run! Once you reach Malay Police Station, go left, from there it will take you about 10-15 minutes to the white beach.

Puka Beach
Hello from Puka Beach!

We made it just in time for sunset. As always, Puka beach is stunning. We run by the beach, play like kids while waiting for the sunset. It was also a good time to reflect on many things and what has been the effect of this pandemic in my life.

Puka Beach Sunset
Enjoying the Sunset at Puka Beach after our 2km run

We left the beach around 5:30pm, there were stalls selling souvenir items and snacks. On our way back to the hotel, we passed by an old lady selling Pinoy street food barbeque, we thought it's good for dinner we'll just look for rice or probably order at the hotel. So for dinner we added sinigang and rice together with street food barbeque. We had dinner by the beach.

Know more about National Rice Awareness Month and the “Be RICEponsibly Healthy” campaign on ATI’s official Facebook Page here.

Get only what you can consume. Be #RICEponsiblyHealthy

Rice is a very important part of my meal. I'm not sure how long I can take without rice. The planting rice experience in Felicidad Orchard made me appreciate the hard work of our farmers. We are blessed to have enough rice supply in the country, but it also means that we should be mindful of how we consume rice. Let's be responsible consumers and as much as possible avoid food wastage. When dining in a buffet, just the right amount of food you can eat and go back if you feel wanting for more.

Aylin and I after our walk-run from Puka Beach to Newcoast

1.46 kilometer one way using the Runkeeper app

National Rice Awareness Month

Run for Rice! Join us in promoting healthy lifestyle through proper rice consumption, promoting different variety of local rice and joining the 5km run this month of November. Remember to be, #RICEponsiblyHealthy!


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