Part 2: Accomplishing the 5Km Run For Rice!

We continued our 5km run for rice, a campaign that supports the National Rice Awareness Month. My husband and I scheduled an afternoon run going to Banawe, not in Ifugao province as I wish though but in Banawe, Quezon City. Using an app that measures the distance and time called RunKeeper, it took me more than an hour to finish the 3.4km run for rice. 

Completing the 5Km Run For Rice!Run for Rice by Agricultural Training Institute

Before the run, it's important to do some stretching especially if you're not regularly doing some exercise.  I also suggest wearing comfortable rubber shoes, leggings and a sports bra for comfort while running.

It has been our bi-monthly physical activity to walk from house to Banawe ever since the pandemic began. With our work from home set-up, going out for a run or brisk walk also serves as a breather since our movement has become limited due to Covid-19. You would also notice my pacing, most of the time I do a fast walk to avoid leg pain.

Here are the data or readings from the RunKeeper app.

Part 2 of our Run for Rice (Quezon City)

Part 1 Run for Rice total (0.97mi (1.56km one way going to Puka Beach and
another .97mi going back to Newcoast)

What can you say about the 207 burned calorie with this activity? I think it's not enough but maybe a good way to begin with. As usual, I felt hungry afterwards and had veggie, fish and brown rice for dinner. Suddenly, I remember one of our trips in Sonrisa Farm where I enjoyed the food, the dessert and the ambiance. It's worth your time and definitely a good place to visit when in Bicol.

Overall, I did about 5.5km run for the entire month of November. A good way to start running again. It really feels good after exercising. It's not easy but definitely worth it.


Kudos to the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Training Institute for coming up with such a meaningful campaign. This activity is very timely since most of our lifestyles have changed when we were hit with the pandemic. Many of us used to live a sedentary lifestyle, adding to the current situation wherein we have limited movement. I invite others to join the campaign and run, not only for rice but for your overall health and wellness. Let us also support our farmers by patronizing local produce such as local rice and try other local rice variants such as the brown, black and red rice. These are rich in vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and absolutely good for your health. 


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