Wellness Wednesday: Our HomeLab Experience & Trying Out New Meals at 7-Eleven

It's been more than two years since I had my last laboratory work-up so I hope to have it done early this year. We had our blood tests at HomeLab one fine Wednesday morning.

Wellness Wednesday

There are preparations needed before the blood extraction. For blood chemistry preparation, which includes Fasting Blood Sugar and HBA1C, liver enzyme tests SGPT, SGOT - you should not eat and drink for 8-12 hours prior to blood extraction. If you're like me who eats small-frequent meals, I suggest having snacks around 10:30 PM so you won't feel hungry during the wee hours. I was also told that it's okay to have sips of water but not too much, but I did not drink until the blood extraction.

We arrived at HomeLab at exactly 7am. The friendly staff immediately assisted us. After filling up the forms, the medical technologist explained the procedure to us. The blood extraction took only a few minutes and it wasn't that painful. After the blood extraction, we proceeded to radiology.

Blood Test at HomeLab
Blood Test at HomeLab

Home Lab offers home laboratory and Covid-19 tests including ultrasounds and X-rays. They have a mobile app where you can easily book for medical and nursing services.

We had the chest X-ray done inside their HomeLab Mobile X-ray. It's something new to me though but I find it very interesting and convenient especially during the pandemic. I can still remember when friends were asking if there's a thing as 'home or portable Chest X-ray'.

HomeLab Mobile X-ray
HomeLab Mobile X-ray

Trying Out New Meals at 7-Eleven: Chef's Creation x Lugang Cafe

Finally, we can have breakfast! We're glad there's a 7-Eleven nearby. It's neat and tidy. There was a wide range of rice meals to choose from but I only went for French vanilla coffee from City Cafe and egg salad sandwich. I also ordered 7-Eleven's Chef Creations' Sweet and Sour and Three Cup Chicken from Lugang Cafe for take out.

Breakfast at 7-Eleven
Breakfast at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven and Lugang Cafe team up to create budget-friendly authentic Asian specialties Chef Creations x Lugang Cafe’s Three Cup Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken rice meals start at P95!

Chef Creations x Lugang Cafe
Chef Creations x Lugang Cafe

You can choose from two variants to take home or to baon: the Three Cup Chicken (P99) and all its tender chicken goodness cooked in a sweet and savory glaze of sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine and the Sweet & Sour Chicken (P105), 7-Eleven’s take on crunchy fried chicken strips coated with Lugang Cafe’s signature sweet and sour sauce. Both are served with steamed white rice.

These single-serve, microwaveable versions of Lugang Cafe’s best-selling dishes are available for purchase in select 1,600 7-Eleven Luzon stores.

Chef Creations x Lugang Cafe
Chef Creations x Lugang Cafe

Even though we have low cases of Covid-19, I highly recommend wearing a face mask, observing physical distancing, and following safety protocols inside the store. Contactless payment methods like CLiQQ e-wallet and GCash are also encouraged for safety.

Laboratory results came out the next day. Generally, everything's fine. We just have to continue proper diet and exercise. I can also eat anything I want even sweets but in moderation.

Overall, it was a productive day for us. We also visited Diana Stalder for the much-needed facial treatment. To find out more about HomeLab, you may read my previous article here. They are also having an ongoing promo for blood chemistry, visit their FB Page for more details. Don't forget to try the newest offerings from 7-Eleven as well. Wishing you all a safe and healthy day!


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