Reebok Opens New Store, Puts Spotlight on Classic Leather Sneakers

 If you have an uncle or auntie who grew up in the 90s, ask about their fashion and style and I'm sure they would include fitted ribbed top, lingerie-inspired dresses with short-sleeve T-shirt underneath, mom jeans, padded jackets and leather rubber shoes. 

Reebok SM Megamall
Reebok SM Megamall

The 90s fashion trends are back in 2022. I've seen girls wearing sparkly mini dresses in a recent event. Casual, comfortable clothes design for workout can be used for everyday wear. And if you want to rekindle some memories from the 90s check out the newly opened Reebok shop in SM Megamall.

Reebok opened its newest flagship store at SM Mega Fashion Hall. Prior to this, you can only shop for Reebok shoes and apparel in multi-brand stores. The launch highlights Reebok's  Classic Leather collection.

The store offers its fans, a glimpse into its fitness, basketball, running and classics line, featuring the iconic Classic Leather, a fan favorite from the 1983 archives.

Filipino athletes and influencers

Reebok is currently represented by its roster of athletes and influencers, namely: radio personality Gino Quillamor, volleyball belles Deanna Wong and Ernestine Tiamzon, fitness trainer and model Sam Ajdani, sports personality Migs Bustos, and NCAA season 95 Finals MVP Fran Yu and 2nd generation baller Isaiah “Ice” Blanco-Hontiveros.  

Reebok SM Megamall
Reebok Flagship store in Manila

Reebok Life is Classic

The brand also highlights its campaign, "Life is Classic". This story that celebrates the versatile and timeless Classic Leather silhouette that's known for its classic design. 

The store houses not only shoes but also apparel, socks, bags among others. Rekindle your love for the 90s with the classic Reebok shoes. The shop is located on the 3rd floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Reebok Athletic OutfitsReebok Classic Leather Shoes

Reebok Classic Leather

The event included a chance to experience Classic Leather in a way never seen before. With the use of breakthrough camera technology through the ‘Glambot’, people were given an opportunity to display their individuality, and show their moves and style for the world to see – in crisp, cinematic HD quality.
Watch my IG reel here.

The Classic Leather range highlights a wide array of designs that suit any style preference and lifestyle, while retaining the sneaker’s core attributes: 

Classic Leather - White Gum (Php3995, GY0952, GY0956): A true '80s OG. Clean lines and solid colors make it easy to pair them with anything. Behind the scenes, a cushioned midsole and soft lining make them extra comfortable.

Reebok Classic Leather - White Gum
Reebok Classic Leather - White Gum

Classic Leather - White Grey  (Php3995, GY3558): Simple and understated. Features a clean white execution with a grey bottom, adding fine details and craftsmanship to the 1980’s icon while looking towards what comes next.

Reebok Classic Leather White Grey
Reebok Classic Leather White Grey

Classic Leather - Make it Yours “Shift” (Php4295, GY1522): Paying respect to the changing tides of today’s world, Shift brings an updated stitching and overlay pattern to the Classic Leather resulting in a custom look that still feels iconic.

Reebok Classic Leather – Make it Yours “OG”
Reebok Classic Leather – Make it Yours “OG”

Classic Leather – Make it Yours “OG” (Php4295, GX2257): Simple and timeless, this Reebok DNA colorway celebrates the brand’s heritage running sneakers through classic Vector red, blue, and white overlays across a premium suede and mesh upper​. 

Reebok Classic Leather “SP”
Reebok Classic Leather “SP”

Classic Leather “SP” (Php4295, GW3795): SP is designed to be her wardrobe staple with a lightweight compression molded midsole for a sculpted modern look, while remaining airy and well-cushioned.

Reebok Opens at SM Megamall

Furthermore, Reebok is focusing sustainability efforts under two pillars: [REE]GROW, which focuses on the creation of products from natural materials; and [REE]CYCLED, which focuses on creating products.

The materials are sourced from plants or from recycled material. To create innovative solutions that will help build a fitter planet without impacting performance. Reebok Reegrow is made with at least 50% plant-based materials. Reebok’s Ree-Cycled line is made from recycled Plastic bottles and PET Plastic flakes and pellets combined with Polyester thread. Reebok Vegan Line is free from animal ingredients as all materials used in this product, including glues and colours, are 100% free from animal ingredients.

Aside from the collection, I also like the store's design. It's bright, modern and spacious. Check out the newly opened Reebok in Manila today.


  1. Will surely check Reebok’s newest flagship store which is at SM Megamall soon, Miss Marj! Magaganda kasi ang shoes nila. I have a pair. So durable and sleek din kasi ang mga designs nila.👌🏻


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