Is IV Glutathione Really Better Than Oral Glutathione?

Intravenous or IV drip glutathione has received a lot of traction in the beauty industry because of its great effect on the body and, of course, the benefits it gives to the skin. But is it really better than the glutathione that we drink orally?

IV Glutathione vs. Oral
IV Glutathione vs. Oral

IV drips and oral glutathione actually give you the same results but their only difference is how the glutathione is absorbed by the body and how quick the effects show. Of course, IV drips inject the glutathione directly to your bloodstream. This means that the glutathione skips the digestive tract and there is a better chance of absorption inside the body. On the other hand, oral glutathione, specifically L-glutathione, still passes the digestive tract and takes some time to be absorbed.

Nuwhite glutathione
Nuwhite glutathione made with S-Acetyl Glutathione

Luckily, Nuwhite glutathione is made with S-Acetyl Glutathione. This is the oxidized version of glutathione which is more potent and three times more powerful than L-glutathione. Because it’s already oxidized, it can be quickly absorbed by the body, making it at par with the usual IV drips that we see in salons. If you need an oral glutathione that works just like the IV drips but is more accessible, practical and cost-efficient, get Nuwhite glutathione! 

Nuwhite is available in Lazada, Shopee, Watsons, and through the Nuwhite website.

Marian Rivera for Nuwhite glutathione
Marian Rivera for Nuwhite glutathione

Have you tried IV and oral glutathione? How's your experience and which do you prefer? Share your thoughts, leave a comment below.


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  1. I choose the oral glutathione! Para just in case may mafeel akong side effect macontrol ko pa. I tried using other brand before, and yes I see results too.. Honestly sabi nga din ng mga friends ko tried the IV Gluta, mas mabilis nga daw po ang effect..

  2. I choose the ORAL Glutathione para may control pa ako once makafeel
    Ako ng side effects just in case hehehe.
    I tried taking Oral Gluta before with the other brand, and satisfied naman po ako. Honestly, some of my friends that had been experience the IV Gluta, sabi nga din po nila na mas mabilis ang effect than the oral one. 😊


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