"Bawal ang Marupok" with Uratex Monoblock Chairs

When you say plastic chairs and tables or monoblocks, there's one brand that easily comes to my mind and that is Uratex.

Uratex Plastic Chair

Our Uratex monoblock has been with us for many years. Some of the pieces were passed from family to another. Oftentimes, these monoblock chairs were passed over to relatives who just started a family. Since they don't have the furniture yet, they start with a Uratex plastic table and chairs. Because of its durability, it became a mainstay in every household. Regardless of size, layout, and design preference, these must-have essentials have proven their importance to furnish and transform a space into a functional, conducive place that can be easily redesigned whenever needed.

Uratex Plastic Chairs
Uratex Plastic Chairs

Uratex Stylish Plastic Chairs
Uratex Stylish Plastic Chairs

Because of the high demand and proven value for money product, Uratex Monoblock is one of the plastic furniture brands that adhered and passed the mandatory tests and requirements set by the DTI-BPS for monobloc chairs and stool; the first brand in the Philippines to passed the Level 5 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO 7173, the highest plastic furniture standard in the country.

Bawal Ang Marupok

Uratex Monoblock celebrates its 30th anniversary with the launched of its latest campaign, "Bawal ang Marupok" with the goal to educate and equip the market on how to be keen and discerning when it comes to investing in plastic chairs and avoid marupok or brittle ones that can potentially harm them. One of the ways that the brand emphasized is to check the warning label to see if the chair has PS certification and recommended seat load capacity for safety and assurance.

Mommy ambassadors, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Camille Prats Yambao

Moreover, the campaign aims to highlight the brand’s ongoing thrust and purpose to nurture and protect its consumers by providing top-notch quality products that are not just ergonomic in design, but are also durable and will stand the test of time. In the recently held campaign media launch at Eton Centris, on January 17, 2023, Uratex Monoblock conducted a forum led by Uratex Monoblock Business Unit Director Dindo Medina, Department of Trade & Industry-Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) Assistant Director Ferdinand L. Manfoste and Department of Science & Technology - Forest Products Research & Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI) Deputy Director Rico Cabangon as part of the panel. During the panel discussion, Mr. Medina explained the objective, rationale, and inspiration behind the Bawal Ang Marupok campaign while Mr. Ferdinand Manfoste and Mr. Rico Cabangon explained why Uratex Monoblock chairs easily pass, if not exceed industry standards. Both industry experts shared their insights on the safety and durability of Uratex Monoblock chairs.

Bawal ang Marupok Campaign
Bawal ang Marupok Campaign

Apart from industry experts, Mommy celebrities, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Camille Prats Yambao graced the event to share their thoughts and actual experiences – highlighting their role as a mom to be alert and well-informed with regards to buying quality household items for the home. 

“For me, my family’s safety always comes first,” Rica shared. “Whenever I purchase items for our home, I always consider how the item can serve our family. Is it safe? Is it durable? Can it last for a long time?” 

“Monobloc chairs have been a Filipino household staple, but I agree that not all are made the same,” Camille said. “I really agree with Uratex Monoblock’s campaign, bawal talaga ang marupok. It’s really an invitation for every Filipino home to give importance to products that are safe and durable,” she added.

We were also given a short walk-through of how Uratex Monoblock chairs are being tested before they go out to the market. They also got to participate in various strength tests that ensure the durability of Uratex Monoblock chairs.

Uratex BPS and ISO Certified
Uratex BPS and ISO Level 5 Certified

“Uratex Monoblock’s passion has always been to provide our consumers with quality items,” Mr. Medina shared. “With the Bawal ang Marupok campaign, we aim to further communicate Uratex Monoblock’s standard for excellent craftsmanship, as well as to educate consumers to be more discerning of the quality and durability of plastic chairs as they value the safety of their family.”

Uratex Monoblock 30th anniversary
Uratex Monoblock 30th anniversary

Uratex Bawal ang Marupok
Uratex Monoblock Team

Uratex Monoblock chairs come in various designs and styles and are both BPS and ISO Level 5 certified. They are guaranteed safe and durable, can withstand time, and can hold up to 200 kilos. With its recent campaign launch, Uratex Monoblock is a living proof that quality and durability matters – Bawal ang Marupok! To learn more about Uratex Monoblock and its products, visit uratex.com.ph/collections/monoblocks. You may also follow uratexmonoblockchairs on Facebook, and @uratexmonoblock on Instagram for updates and upcoming promos.

Uratex Monoblock
Uratex Monoblock "Bawal ang Marupok"

Congratulations to Uratex Monoblock on their 30th anniversary!


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