Ready for Summer? Get Your Favorite SPF and Sunscreens at Watsons

Summer is definitely here. Just the other day, the temperature reached 38C, the highest at the moment. I guess, we can expect it to reach higher as the days go by. With that, it's best to get your favorite sunscreen or try something today. At the recent 'Watsons Summer Beats' event, I found a wide range of skin care, especially sunscreen products.

Great deals at Watsons Summer Beats
Great deals at Watsons Summer Beats

Watsons' Summer Beats reminds us that summertime is here, bringing lots of fun and excitement for summer getaways. So where are you heading first?

Summer-ready road trip

Last week, I just came from a five day trip to Baguio and Sagada. While the weather is still cool, it still gets hot during the day, from 12pm to 3pm. We enjoyed picking strawberries at Strawberry Farms in Benguet, without minding the heat of the sun. Although I don't worry so much about sun damage since I wore a weaved hat which I bought in Yakan Weaving Center, I felt I should have brought and applied sunscreen on my extremities, haha!

Just like before, my trip to Sagada was amazing. The seven hours long road trip passing by several zigzags was tiring but worth it. Weather in Sagada was beautiful at 18-19C when we arrived. We arrived in Sagada town around 1pm - a bit hot but you will not sweat a lot. After registering at the Tourism Center we went back to Rockwall Inn to freshen up and prepare for the afternoon tour. Of course, I made sure to apply sun protect on my face and body.

Watsons Summer Beats
Ms. Cha Ocampo shares skin care tips and her love for nature

Biore UV Aqua Rich
Biore UV Aqua Rich

POND's Buy 1 Take 1 Promo
POND's Buy 1 Take 1 Promo

QUICKFX Sunscreen
Currently using QUICKFX Sunscreen

Back to Watsons' Summer Beats, the pop up event was participated by leading skin care brands namely POND's, YOU Beauty, Biore, Anessa sunscreen, and QUICKFX which I am currently using for my body. Beach Hut sunscreen as well as Cetaphil products were also available at the venue.

Aside from discounts, shoppers received and won sample products after participating in fun games. After shopping, we decided to have a quick snack at Muji Cafe. Ruth ordered a special iced coffee, hot matcha latte for me. We talked about many things including travel, saving and investment, lol! It's been a while since I travelled with her and when we do, we're always roommates. I really hope we can travel again.

Muji Cafe
Matcha Latte at Muji SM North

Skincare during summer
thinking where to spend summer 2024

Aside from proper skin care, here are some travel tips during summer in the Philippines. First, make sure to do some research of the destination you would like to visit. Bring light clothes, extra slippers/sandals. Don't forget to hydrate and eat healthy. Try local foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Last but not the least, enjoy and be thankful. 

I'm looking forward to spending the summer of 2024 on the beach or somewhere I've never been to like Siquijor or Tawi-Tawi. Wherever it may be, I am surely ready for summer.


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