Bacnotan, La Union

An old Catholic Church since 1868, St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Church
Bacnotan, La Union

La Union - considered one of the top tourist destination  by many beach lovers, scuba divers and surfers. San Juan beach, Bauang Beach and San Francisco-Canaoay-Pagudpud Beach are the most visited beaches of La Union. Aside from the waters of La Union, other interesting and tourist attractions are the Religious structures and Cultural heritage of the province; Bacsil Ridge, Luna Watchtower, Museo de La Union, Pottery-making and Blanket-weaving just to mention a few.  

Going there will take you about 7 hours by Bus. We headed to Partas bus in Cubao terminal and the bus left before 7am by 2pm we arrived in Bacnotan. Going on a private vehicle will only take you about 5 hrs. The trip was comfortable, the road was smooth except  at some areas of Pangasinan. Thanks to waypoints , it guided our way with their navigational aids like GPS data, photos and tips. 

Partas Bus Fare is Php400 Cubao to Bacnotan.

Stop over at Sison, La Union

After the 2nd stop over at Sison La Union, I thought it will be less than an hour to Bacnotan so I started getting ready and finished my "baon" but it took another 2 hours to reach Bacnotan.

Bacnotan, a first class municipality in the province of La Union. Ilokano is their language spoken. Economic activity mostly are farming, fishing and tourism. The place is very quiet and clean. Tricycles and jeepneys are the means of transportation. There is a very old Catholic Church that's so beautiful, St. Michael the Archangel is just few walks away from where we stayed. One Sunday, I was able to hear mass and it was said in Ilocano. 

the interior


What you'll see at Bacnotan Town Plaza? Park with a fountain and old church bell located just across the Catholic Church, nice place for picnic. The Bacnotan Town Hall just infront of Town Plaza. 

I was looking for eateries or restaurants that would offer Bacnotan's best delicacies but unfortunately haven't found one except for few sari-sari stores around the vicinity. You may take tricycle going to Public Market where you can buy your everyday needs from food, household products to personal necessities.

Well, the place is very quiet and clean. I love the fresh air, the plants and trees around the town plaza. I can say, free from both air and noise pollution. People are very warm and will greet you with a smile.

On our way back to Manila, we were able to pass Taboc, San Juan La Union popular for  clay pottery crafts. I bought a lampshade at Php 200 made by Red Clay Pottery Crafts. The lamp I bought usually sold at Php350-400. :)

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