She is fashionable, shopaholic, sexy, smart and strong! She’s old enough to know better! She also loves, cares and protects the EARTH! Meet Miss Green, the only female M&M’s Candydate!

Like Miss Green, I’m also a Nature & an Eco-friendly Advocate from my simple contributions like segregating the garbage at home, recycling and using less energy and electricity. I also have a small garden in front of my house. Walls of my house are painted in GREEN, my drawers and cabinets are also GREEN and most of my curtains are GREEN because it’s very soothing & warm to the eyes! I bring my GREEN grocery cloth bag every time I go to supermarkets too! That’s how and why I love GREEN!

So why vote for anyone else, when GREEN represents NATURE, Mother Earth and our favorite M&M’s Candydate!


So VOTE for Miss GREEN M&M’s Candydate? And you could be one of the lucky winners of:  prizes-asia

Meet also other M&M’s Candydates! Miss Green stands among the rest, isn’t it?mms votenow

Friends, let’s help Miss GREEN Candydate! Vote for Miss GREEN! (click the link)

Visit the M&Ms website here: M&Ms Global Character Election: Vote & Win

Don’t forget to shout out your support for GREEN on your Facebook and Twitter too! :)


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