EATS ASIA 3 Presented by Asian Food Channel

It was Saturday morning when I received a text message from a foodie friend inviting us to join their trip at A. Venue Hall for the AFC EATS ASIA 3: Thrice as Delish. With the title anyone can understand that the event is all about food. Schools and restaurateurs presented local dishes from five Asian countries, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan.

Skycable subscribers were given free tickets. Ms. Neneth, my foodie friend saved two tickets for me and Grace. We arrive at A.Venue around 1:30 pm and there were people already inside the Hall. We signed our names and were given a food stubs which we present in each food booth. This food stub also serves as a raffle ticket.


Our first stop, China. This Kung Pao Chicken is really delicious. It has a very spicy  toppings served in crunchy crispy wanton cup. I personally like it. However, Tikoy Tarts are sweet and chewy.


Second booth we toured is the Korean booth. Students from FEU Makati City sampled us with Chap Chae in Crispy Wanton Cup, topped with pancit and cheese, california maki and fried dumplings
Mini baguette slices with tinapa paste and mini chocolate cake slices from Cravings and CCA.
Lady’s Choice sampled us their scrambled eggs with lady’s choice mayonnaise and Knorr prepared “Ginataang  Vegetables”.

Guests and participants were entertained with cultural dance performances representing each countries.

Filipino cuisines like “Adobo Diablo” which is super spicy was a winner to all spicy food lovers. I love “Adobo sa Gata”, it’s very flavorful, creamy and delicious especially when served hot. Adobo Diablo and Adobo sa Gata all from Adobo Republic.

We got excited with the Gyudon eating contest. Gracian, the youngest among the contestants joined and almost win the game. We enjoyed the whole afternoon of Asian food trip. Thanks to Asian Food Channel for this great event.


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