My Top 3 Visited Philippine Tourist Spots

After my visit to Bicol, Pangasinan, Nueva Vizcaya and Baguio that’s when I realized I should start documenting and sharing photos of my favorite places I already seen. Though, I know there’s a lot more the Philippines has to offer, still I’m fortunate that I got the chance to see three beautiful places in our country, all in Luzon.

Here’s my top 3 visited Philippine Tourist Spots:

First destination was the magnificent Banaue Rice Terraces in Mountain Province. I was only 20 years old when I came here, still young but able to appreciate nature, beauty, serenity and culture. Fortunately, we were allowed to visit Banaue after a month of immersion in Nueva Vizcaya as part of our Community Health Nursing. I love the place, the cold weather and the clean air that blows onto my face. I stand in awe as I look at the wonderful  Rice Terraces made by the Ifugao tribe. It’s beautiful beyond description.

Though we stayed just a few hours, I was able to appreciate the everlasting beauty and the Ifugao culture. Took a lot of photos from an old camera and bring home unending memories of how the green fields and stone houses looks like. I hope to visit the place again, reading other blog posts, I learned that there’s more to explore at Banaue. What I saw is just a glimpse of it. The beauty is yet to discover.

A 12 hours trip to Albay is worth the effort just to see with my very own eyes the perfectly  cone shaped Mayon Volcano.  It was again a dream come true  when our company travel to Bicol region in 2007 and we got the chance to see one of the Philippine’s most famous volcanoes and the world’s most perfectly formed volcano. At first, I was a little sad when the volcano hides herself on the clouds. It’s getting late we’re going back to Manila the next day and I thought we’re not going to see how amazing it is. Finally, she showed herself just before we left Cagsawa. It was stunning.


Hundred Islands National Park goes third place on my list. When a relative came all the way from United States and invited us to come over at La Union, our grandparents home town, I never think twice and excitedly packed my things and traveled 7 hours. 

It was a bonus I must say, when they included us on their trip to Hundred Islands. That day, what I used to see on postcards became a real one, It was overwhelming  as we ride the boat hopping from one island to another. A perfect place where every Filipino should see before they visit other countries. With 123 islands, I was able to see three most visited islands and my favorite is the Marcos Island though not yet fully develop unlike the Governors’, it’s white fine sand is indeed captivating.


Well, that’s my three awesome, super favorite trips. Why super favorite? because I shared those moments with a person close to my heart. I always say that life is a journey and every step makes a difference. It creates a history that we can never go back again but we can always remember and cherish. That’s why I live my life like a journey.

You may notice all of them are located in Luzon, how about Vizayas and Mindanao? Not yet been to those islands and that’s why I am joining Let’s Go Sago! 3rd Anniversary contest.

Just to share you my ruined travel plans for this year, On October last year I already booked a flight to Cebu for Sinulog festival in January but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go there due to unavoidable expenses. Come July, my birthday month and my wished was to visit the ever-popular Bohol, just the same I already made my itinerary and booked my flight but the need to renew licenses and other certificates plus examinations I took, I ended up celebrating my birthday in a free concert.

Last but definitely not the least and hopefully a dream come true vacation is a Boracay getaway. Yes! it’s still a dream and it will come true if I win in this contest.

Cebu, Bohol and Boracay – three great destinations livingMarjorney wants to discover!
I’m ready to go so "Let’s Go Sago! 3rd Anniversary"


  1. My trips with the hubby and our baby are my fave too... Those moments are just priceless. I'm totally loving your old photos. Nostalgic.

  2. @ Pinay Travel Junkie - It's an honor receiving a comment from you! Thanks for dropping by and appreciating my photos. =)

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