Figaro at the Heart of World Citi Medical Center


Figaro World Citi Opens


Figaro Coffee Shop has been part of my life in the past few months. It’s my favorite hangout when doing blog assignments and articles. It’s my favorite milk tea avenue, enjoying every sip of Figaro Taro Pudding Chiller Feast (P100) and  Raspberry Milk Tea with Yakult. I remember a time when I have to call my blogger friend for I badly need someone to talk to and somebody to listen and give advice; there we found the comfort and relaxing Figaro Tomas Morato.



Figaro World Citi Opens

Just a few secrets to tell, recently I  found love at Figaro Shangri La Plaza. It was after a food tasting event held at the said store. That night, I got the answers to many questions bothering me since the last quarter of 2011. From then on, this coffee shop had a special place in my heart – here I cried, laugh and found peace and strength sometimes with just a cup of brewed coffee to keep me company.

That’s why with every Figaro store that opens, I am delighted knowing there’s always Figaro stores to comfort us - during good and bad times, during hot and cold weather.  


Recently, another Figaro kiosk opened inside a familiar place along Aurora Boulevard. You can find the newest addition at World Citi Medical Center, one of the largest tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila.

During the opening, Figaro treated customers with Buy 2 and Get 1 beverage for free promo. It was an early morning event so I had a cup of cappuccino for extra energy and caffeine for the whole day.

Figaro Cappuccino

Say good morning to a hot cup of Figaro Cappuccino and fresh muffin.

Figaro Muffin

I’m not in the mood to eat heavy breakfast so I decided to have something light yet nutritious- a warm muffin!

After breakfast, together with other Bloggers we were invited to see World Citi and check on their facilities, what’s new, what they offer and their specialties.

World Citi Medical Center

They added more facilities like the Citi Wellness Center and Apex Fitness Center just to name a few.


Citi Wellness is the Aesthetic Center of World Citi Med. In line with the Medical Center’s dedication to provide optimum, holistic approach and wellness service, this facility serves as the catalyst for the completion of human wellness. It understands and addresses the clinical needs and aesthetic demands of the modern individual. Nose lift, eye bag removal, facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, hair transplant, slimming programs, facial services and rejuvenating procedures are some of the center’s primary services.

apex at worldciti

World Citi Chapel


We finished the tour just before lunch and went back to Figaro.

Thanks to Figaro for putting many stores and kiosks around the Metro. The next time I need to go to Sta Barbara San Mateo Rizal to visit my mom, I can drop by at World Citi and grab a cold drink or maybe bring home some pastries for her.  




Tofu Steak at Figaro Glorietta


How about you, have you been to the newly opened Figaro kiosk located just beside the main entrance or World Citi Medical Center?


The World Citi Medical Center 960 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City Philippines 1109


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