American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs

It’s been three months now since I moved to my new home. The small space is just one of many challenges I need to handle yet I can tell the advantages of living in a condo-type housing. I think it’s a matter of maximizing the space and removing small pieces that adds to clutter.

American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs
Until now I’m not yet done fixing my new home, I mean putting my things into its proper place. I have small things that looks clutter to my small space. There’s also the need to buy additional fixtures for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The furniture shops and building material depots are my favorite hang out these days.

American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: Colorful Days

I visited American Standard at the Home Depot in Balintawak, Quezon City few weeks ago. The brand, American Standard is one of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures. I’m glad they have the latest line of shower heads, lavatories and water closets the time I visited the store.

Let’s start with these Colorful shower head collection.
Are you tired of the usual shower designs? Why not try different colors! Check out this vibrant "Colorful Day” Shower head collection.

American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: Colorful Days

American Standard launched the Concept Cube, a line of compact but beautiful and stylish bathroom fixtures. It seamlessly blends the sleek modern lines with innovative technology, using strong and simple lines for a contemporary look. That day, I got the purple iColor!

They are perfectly made for small bathrooms common in today’s condominium housing.

American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: Satis Asteo

Ventuno Collection is designed by award-winning Italian designer, Franco Bertoli. It is said to be the choice for cosmopolitan consumers with its patterns of today’s urban architecture and elements of modern style.
Time Traveller is best for beginning family. It has an antique but modern zen and has consistency with the design.
Wilderness Design is also called organic with its circular shape design. It is best for people who’s heart is close to nature. It is also good in water saving.
Illusionist on the other hand suits for people who wants fashion, difference in their bathroom

American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: Toilets

American Standard’s faucet series complements the modern, compact and sophisticated styling of the water closets and lavatories. They are made of high-quality chrome, makes even small bathrooms stylish and chic! Most importantly, these faucets allow better water saving with its better control for users and being leak free.
American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: FaucetsAmerican Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: More  Shower HeadsAmerican Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs: Toilet & LavatoryAmerican Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs:  Lavatory

I suggest you check out the Satis Asteo water closet collection which features amenities like LED dim lighting, soft music, automatic seat open and flushing, twin nozzle bidet and air purification system that eliminates bad odors and airborne fungi and bacteria.

The EuroZen, on the other hand has the most innovative and convenient function to bathroom hygiene in a sleek and compact water closet. Siphon Jet tornado flushing, powerful massage or cleanse function, deodorizer, warm dryer, nozzle with automatic cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzle, seat heater and lift-off and slow-close seat cover.

American Standard For Your Bathroom Fixture Needs:  Toilet BowlAmerican Standard SMart Washer

Here’s my American Standard Smart Washer and I can’t wait to use it! I’ll definitely be sitting like a queen! The American Standard’s new line of bathroom fixtures is available in major building materials depot nationwide. Visit their website at


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