McCormick Bread Spread, No-mess Squeezable Tubes


Pandesal has been my favorite “tinapay”. Back home, I was fortunate to live beside a local bakery that sells delicious pandesal – toasted or not.  It awakens me with the smell of freshly baked pandesal every day.

Few weeks ago, three bread spreads in a tube was sent to me. They are new products of McCormick.

McCormick Bread Spread: No-mess Squeezable Tubes

The next morning, I was excited to try my new McCormick bread spreads! Since no pandesal for today, I will use white bread instead.

McCormick Bread Spread in Garlic Flavor

McCormick Garlic Bread SpreadsMcCormick Herb Parmesa Bread Spreads

McCormick Bread Spread in Garlic Flavor + Bread + Oven Toaster makes instant garlic breads isn’t it!  I tried two slices – one which I placed inside the oven toaster and the other was serve as it is, not warm. Both taste good! I tried it to check if the flavor will change after heating and I’m glad it didn't. It has the real garlic flavor I was hoping for, even my fiancé loves it!

McCormick Pesto Bread SpreadsThe Pesto Bread Spread taste so good, too! The Herb Parmesan cheese is also delicious. They are not just for breads, they can be use as a dip or can be added to your dishes too!  
That afternoon I tried my bread spreads with plain unsalted crackers matched served with hot tea and I had a great afternoon snack - light yet flavorful! 
McCormick Herb Parmesa Bread Spreads
McCormick Bread Spread in Pesto flavor (Left)  and Herb Parmesan (Right)

These bread spreads have zero (0)g trans fat and come in no-mess squeezable tubes, you can bring them with you anytime, anywhere. No more worries about spills or messes. It’s a perfect companion to the office, outings, and best for kids' baon bags.

Let’s bring flavor to our food, try the new McCormick Bread Spreads. It’s versatile and still affordable. Now available at your favorite supermarkets nationwide!
Want to know more about McCormick’s flavorful Bread Spreads, visit their Facebook Page


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