Taking the KTM Kommuter in Malaysia

Together with two Filipino travel bloggers, Jonel and The Pinay Solobackpacker, we stayed in a budget-friendly backpacker lodge the “Backpacker Hotel” in China town in Kuala Lumpur. We immediately fell into sleep and woke up early morning for our long trip to Negeri Sembilan.

First on our agenda was looking for money changer since we were not able to passed by the money changer in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We were not able to change our money at the airport so we have to look for a money changer as early as 7am. After changing Philippine currency to Malaysian Ringgit, we immediately head to  KTM Komuter. Carrying only a medium size backpack, the lightest baggage I ever had, KL and Negeri Sembilan map.

A Money Changer in Chinatown

How to Go to Negeri Sembilan

In Malaysia there are lots of destination and historical city to explore, one is the city of lights in Kuala Lumpur. For this trip I'm heading Negeri Sembilan, one of the states of Malaysia. I've heard it's where the most spiciest food can be found. Let's see!

KTM Komuter
Commuting in Malaysia via KTM or train
Trains in Malaysia are separate for the males and females. Food is not allowed inside the train but you can eat while waiting. In fact they have kiosks inside the station. While waiting, I managed to get some Dutch Lady chocolate drink. How cool!

KTM KomuterDutch Lady: Milk Drink inside the KTM Station Convenient store

KTM Komuter21-GEDC0111

I love how spacious and clean inside the train. There were few passengers that time, I was thinking if they also experience the same volume of commuters like ours.

KTM KomuterTiroi Station, Negeri Sembilan

It took almost an hour via KTM Komuter to Tiroi Station, it’s 2nd to the last which is the Serembran. That one hour could be tiring and boring but perhaps you could plan or modify your itinerary or talk to a Malaysian seatmate while on the road which I did. 


One thing we forgot was to purchase a Malaysia local sim card. Well, I don’t have plans of buying one when I learned that my BlackBerry phone was locked to Globe, a local mobile network in the Philippines.

Negeri Sembilan

An hour or so we arrived in Negeri Sembilan. It’s famous on Minangkabau structure, rich in history and culture.

Minangkabau structure

We stayed at Homestay Pelegong which is located about 30 minutes drive from Tiroi station. We spent two days while exploring and getting around the city.

Read my next post about exploring Negeri Sembilan and my Homestay experience, http://www.livingmarjorney.com/2012/10/homestay-pelegong-at-negeri-sembilan.html






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