Xing Wang Hong Kong Café, Revisited


HK Braised Beef Brisket Bamboo Rice

A year ago I attended the grand opening of  Xin Wang Hong Kong Café  at the SM Mall of Asia. And now, we’re revisiting this casual restaurant exactly two weeks before their 1st year anniversary.

Revisiting Xing Wang Hong Kong Café, MOA43-DSC02427

Outside, one will take a second look on their big and eye-catching sign board written Xing Wang made more interesting with Hong Kong” café. It’s a casual dining and has a wide array of food such as Hong Kong curry, Shanghai rice, Bamboo rice, Hong Kong style Western. 

Revisiting Xin Wang HK Cafe

I still remember my Hong Kong trip few years ago. I enjoyed hopping from one shopping mall to another, dine at Café de Coral and other restaurants indulge with street food. You can find various food from Western, Asian and so on and so forth in the streets of Hong Kong and that is what Xing Wang wanted to do - to bring in our country authentic and flavorful dishes usually seen in most Hong Kong café and restaurants.

Xin Wang HK Cafe Singapore

During our trip to Singapore in July, we passed by one of their branches unfortunately we need to catch the last river cruise at Clark Quay.

Stir-fried Minced Kai Lan with Silver Fish (P220)

As I said earlier, Xin Wang is celebrating its 1st birthday. Jonel and I greeted them earlier when we had our lunch date few weeks before their anniversary.  It was his first time so I let him choose what to order except for the drinks and dessert.

Something new for appetizer, we had Stir-fried Minced Kai Lan with Silver Fish (photo above/P220).  We also had the Deep-fried Mango ‘N’ Prawn Roll. (3 pcs for P100)

deep-fried Mango ‘N’ Prawn Roll. (3 pcs for P100)Deep-fried Mango ‘N’ Prawn Roll

For the main entree , we ordered XW Signature Stir-fried Noodles (P235).

Surprisingly it was good! The silver fish and shrimps added more flavor into it.

XW Signature Stir-fried Noodles

On the other hand, the Chicken Chop Cream Sauce Spaghetti (P245) was okay. It tasted just an ordinary white creamy spaghetti. 

Chicken Chop Cream Sauce Spaghetti

XW also offers bamboo rice, we had HK Braised Beef Brisket Bamboo Rice (P215)

From all the dishes we had, this was our favorite. Beef was tender and juicy in a thick sauce. Serving can be shared by two.

HK Braised Beef Brisket Bamboo Rice

Here comes my favorite part of the meal – dessert! We had cold and hot dessert! Red heart 

Hot creamy coconut with sago (pearl). It’s warm, sweet and creamy. We love it!


French toast anyone? It’s huge about three slices of a regular tasty bread topped with butter and served warm. It’s a bit toasted and sweet outside but soft inside.


XW Special Mango Snow Ice (P135) – Take note that this is good for up to four person so better not have it alone. It’s huge, could be overwhelming but delicious! Kids will enjoy this mango snow ice topped with our favorite ice cream and chunks of mango. They also have other variants. 


and this is how we end a great meal…

#marjonel at Xin Wang HK Cafe

Xin Wang Café is located at SM Mall of Asia, Philippines.


  1. I found a deal site that offers discount at Xinwang Hong kong Cafe i will try their food also using my voucher. I am so excited to use mine, it will be my first time.


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