Giordano’s Monsters University Freshman Fair Extended, July 6-7 SM Megamall!


Giordano Philippines launch the Monsters University Collection today with its fun-filled fair called Giordano’s Monsters University Fair. 

Started this morning, June 29 and will run until tomorrow, June 30, 2013 at the Trinoma Activity Center and on July 6-7, Mega Mall A Showcase Area.


Entrance is free for all. "No tuition fee required"!  Everyone will surely enjoy with various activities presented by Giordano aside from freebies that will be given away, too!



So what are the activities at the Monsters Univ Fair? I went around the booth areas with friends and participated in various games and activities that tested my brain, brawn and scare-ability. 

You too can also join and get a chance to win special prizes and display that Monsters University pride!

There are 4 subjects (activities/booths) that you can take -  the Monsters 101, The School of Rawr, the Field of Screams and the Screamology subject.

The School of Rawr

The School of Rawr allows you to explore your musical prowess with the Guitar Hero. All you have to do is compete for the highest score and earn the bragging rights as Monsters University's primo rock star. Well, even if I love listening to music but I'm not good in playing musical instruments thus I only got a B score for this field of study but definitely I enjoyed in the school of rawr. 


Field of Screams

If you feel that you are athletic enough to compete at The Field of Screams, the second gaming station allows sports buffs or those who loves to dance to size up their fitness and agility with XBOX Kinect Sports.  Find out if you can make it into the varsity team or if you need more training.


Monster 101

The 4th gaming booth trains you  with Twinoo at Monster 101,  Let logic and art come together in this classroom-type station.  Here, you’ll learn your Mathematics and colors coordinates. I got an A score!



At the Giordano Monsters University Fair, several fun-filled games are in store for you.  Test your mental speed with a playtime of 2Fuse at the first gaming station called Screamology.  Simply, combine numbers with similar colored cubes in 60 seconds. It’s fun and easy! I got a grade of A+ for this subject.


Vandalism is not allowed in the university but there’s the FREEDOM WALL where you can express yourself and post messages.


Of course, at the end of the semester we’re all looking forward to see our report cards/class cards. In Monsters University you need to finish the challenges and complete your report card stamps to claim your Monsters University freebie.   Don’t fret if you don’t get a passing grade, exclusive Giordano Monsters University merchandise like printed tees, hoodies and polo shirts will also be available for purchase during the event.
With my delight, I even had face paint. Check it out!

The class picture (L) and the university locker room (R)


Get a chance to be part of the  Monsters University’s Freshman Fair when it opens its wrought iron gates.  Enrollment ongoing! Happening at the Trinoma Activity Center , June 29 to June 30 

and on July 6-7, 2013 at Mega Mall A Showcase Area. Free entrance for everyone! Complete the games in the fair and have your own Monsters University ID. 

This event is brought to us by Giordano PhilippinesEnjoy and experience being in the world’s best SCARE university.


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