Cronuts at Wildflour Cafe

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe
Our typical Sunday starts with heavy breakfast, taking a bath and by 11 am we're at Grace Christian Church. As I prepare myself to worship, exactly 14 days before my birthday, I thought it would be perfect for a mini family get-together, sort of early birthday celebration. So, I asked J if we could go out with my family since we'll be leaving for two local trips from the 17th to 25th. The next hour, I started contacting mom, my siblings, aunt Grace and family and set up an early dinner at Crystal Jade Dining In located at the Fort, High Street.

While enjoying the ride at The Fort Bus, J suddenly mentioned 'cronut'. I was't sure what I heard, then he said it's a half-croissant, half-doughnut and it's one of the most sought-after pasty today. He knows I'm a fan of both, croissant and doughnuts; of bread, cakes and pastries. He knew I won't decline his invitation even if we have prior commitment. So, we look for the bakery along the Fort offering cronuts, Wildflour Bakery!

We were dropped at 28th street and walked going 26th corner 5th where Wildflour Cafe is located. The cafe was full of customers, considering it's a Sunday but we're lucky we were able to grab a table for two besides the bread shelves.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe

I realized it was meant to be since it was the only vacant table, Seats For Two! Even on a full house, a staff immediately served us a glass of cold water and complementary baguette with butter and rock salt on the side. By the way, if you follow me on Instagram perhaps you've seen these yummy pastries, other delectable dishes and even my travel photos.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe

The cronuts and other baked products are not included in the menu. We arrived past 2 in the afternoon but their cronuts will be available by 3-3:30 pm. Anyway, the cafe offers other interesting dishes such as the bone marrow (P350), pancakes, waffles, steak and the mouthwatering croque madame (P420). There are other baked goodies such as muffins, warm sticky icky bun and cannele (another best-seller) too.

Cronut at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe

Canelle at Wildflour Cafe

Cannele at Wildflour Cafe

Since the family dinner was set at 4pm, we decided to wait for the cronuts. Meanwhile, we had cannele and a tall glass of cold Green Tea Mojito. By the way, the server said their green tea mojito is liquor free. I just forgot to clarify and inquire the ingredients because we're too focused on the cronuts. Topped with a slice of lemon, light in flavor and a bit minty, the Green Tea Mojito (P110) was refreshingly good and thirst-quenching.

Cannele at Wildflour Cafe
Cannele (P75) has soft custardy, sweet filling and a mahogany caramelized crunchy crust. I haven't tried canneles in other countries so I cannot compare our canneles here but I would like if it would be softer and creamier inside.

Around 3pm, the much-awaited Cronuts came! I found out most customers were also waiting in line for the half-croissant, half-doughnut pastry. By the way, don't forget to ask for the queuing number. We were the 7th customer. Ever since the cronut craze started at Wildflour, they had to limit purchases to three (3) pieces daily. So, if you have companion and wants to purchase too, whether child or adult, he should also wait in line. You can't use the same queuing number even if you're together.

I was upset when I found out that there were only 4 pieces of dulce de leche and tiramisu from 100 crafted cronuts that afternoon. Of course, the first customer has the chance of getting the best sellers. She bought all the dulce de leche and 1 tiramisu. I would not want to think it's a marketing strategy so that customers would come back more often.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

I approached the friendly manager/supervisor for few information on their cronuts. She told me they produce 500 cronuts a day, about 150 goes to customers who reserved 1 day in advance. Regarding the limited flavors (dulce de leche and tiramisu) she explained that they were able to produce a total of four only due to the ingredients available.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

We bought  five pieces of different variants, the Plain crossaint-donut served while the remaining four packed and brought home - vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and blueberry mixed berry.  The friendly staff recommended to consume them in five hours. It's better not to refrigerate or heat the cronuts, just keep it in a room temperature.

The Verdict!

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

Using my two hands, I hold the cronut carefully so as not to split the thin layers and gently divided the cronut into two - for me and J. I smiled to myself as I bite this Plain mouthwatering flaky cronut with light cream at the center. It looks like a sandwich and a donut, round and sweet. Thankful it has a mild sweetness and not too oily like most croissants I know. Then I saw flakes down on my red-orange dress, indeed I was enjoying every bite of Wildflour's Plain cronut.

To Go Cronuts! 

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

I was thinking if J and I really have to consume four cronuts before bedtime when they told us it's better to eat it in five hours. Nope, it cannot be! I cannot change the eating habits of this man specially for dinner and midnight snack. It's been our 7th day of nothing but fresh oranges for midnight snack. So, I left the cronuts in our dining table (properly stored) and served it for breakfast. I did not re-heat, I just served it as it is. Yes, the texture changed a little but its remains tasty. As of this writing, I'm having (9:11am) the strawberry and vanilla flavors which I find too sweet yet delicious. There are two cronuts left for afternoon break, the chocolate and blueberry mixed berry. I'm so thankful my husband introduced cronuts to me. I love it even if it's sweet. It goes well with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

How about you, have you tried these savory cronuts? Did you patiently waited in line? Do you have any idea where to buy  CRONUTS? I heard Chatime in Pioneer released their own version of Cronuts, too. I haven't been there, perhaps if you're near the area you would want to try their cronuts. I would love to hear your story.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

Wild Flour Cronuts are available in variety of flavors - plain, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry mixed berry at P120 each while the dulce de leche and tiramisu sold at P150 each. Cronuts are available around 
  • 9 AM
  • 11-11:30 AM
  • 1-1:30 PM
  • 2:30 pm
  • 3-3:30 pm (on Sundays). 
Sorry, I forgot to ask what time in the evening.

Cronuts at Wildflour Bakery And Cafe Philippines

Should I come back? Yes, for the remaining cronut variants, the dulce de leche and tiramisu. And by the way, the croque madame looks so divine? I'll certainly come back for it, pricey but an order can be shared by two or three. 

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Wild Flour Bakery and Cafe 5th Corner 26th Street, 
Ground Floor, NET Lima Building
Opens: Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm
Friday-Saturday 8am-11pm 
Sunday Brunch 8am-4pm 


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