Chocolate Bliss at Resorts World Manila

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get!" - It's one of my favorite sayings from the movie Forrest Gump. I could interpret and give a deeper meaning but it could also means exactly what it sounds like. So, each time I had a box of chocolate I would remember the saying, relate it to what's happening in my life. How about you, what do you think of that sayings? 

What if you're standing in front of a long table where chocolates are beautifully spread and can be tasted?

A Chocolate Bliss at Resorts World Manila

A Chocolate Bliss at Resorts World Manila

I attended the launch of chocolate festival in Resorts World Manila. My husband knows my love for chocolate so he allowed me to attend the event considering it's quite far from our place.

Hand-print chocolate

My sense of smell immediately recognized the sweet aroma of chocolates inside the Genting Club. Few more steps, finally I was standing in front of a long table where a wide variety of chocolates were displayed.  From chocolate fountain, chocolate towers, chocolate infused dishes served during lunch, there were small pieces that fits your mouth to huge bars to satisfy one's cravings!

Assorted bite-size chocolates

I had my fill of assorted bite-size chocolates (photo above), truffles, milk chocolates; a serving of luscious Mary Jane cake and Vanilla Velvet (photo below). They also served us chocolate infused cocktails such as Choco Fudge Dream from Bar 180, Ferrero Martini from Mercado, Civet Cold Choco Sensation from Maxims, Choco Oreo Frost from Bar 360 and Kung Fu Crush from Passion Restaurant

I also had my hand-printed and signed with chocolates! 

Vanilla Velvet
Vanilla Velvett
Mary Jane Cake

All these as Resorts World Manila (RWM) gives us a taste of utter chocolate bliss for the whole month of September when the integrated resort rolls out its sinfully sweet affairs.

A Chocolate Bliss at Resorts World Manila

As part of RWM’s Thrillathon anniversary celebrations, as well as to celebrate International Chocolate Day on September 13, RWM offers a month choc-full of thrills beginning with a lavish Chocolate Festival. 

A Chocolate Bliss at Resorts World Manila

From September 2 to 15, RWM will host renowned chocolatiers promising a world of delight with sweet bites and even sweeter deals in the Chocolate Sale. Favorite chocolate brands such as Machiavelli, Villa del Conte, Composite, Nestle, Bruges, Marriott Café and Resorts World Manila’s very own Café Maxims will offer their line-up of sweet treats as the event unfolds at the Newport Mall Plaza and through premium online store iGrab until September 15.

A Chocolate Bliss at Resorts World Manila

There will be a series of one-of-a-kind Chocolate Exhibits from September 6 to 30 featuring chocolate in different forms such as chocolate-inspired clothing presented by different brands within RWM, photographs of decadent chocolate dishes, and ornate chocolate sculptures crafted by world-class chefs from Marriott Hotel Manila and Café Maxims which guests can also purchase.

Just like a box of chocolate filled with several kinds and flavors, RWM is set for a whole lot of chocolate!

To know more about RWM events and F&B offerings for the month of September, visit or call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (02) 908-8833.


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