Make it Pure with Unilever PureIt Water Purifier

Does your water purifier really purifies or it is just a filter? Sometimes, I can't help but worry about the quality of water we drink. While a lot of water refilling stations promise to deliver safe drinking water, still we can't be sure it's free of contaminants that could cause certain diseases.

We source purified water at a nearby water refilling station. While others pay P35/5 gallon ours is a little expensive. Five gallons cost P40 and since it's just me and the husband at home, it lasts about two weeks. Sometimes, I get bottled mineral water from the supermarket. Very rare that we have our drinking water straight from the faucet.

Few months ago, my husband had a terrible abdominal pain and diarrhea. We were not able to identify the cause if it's due to food or water contamination, viral or bacterial. I woke up without my husband besides me. I thought he was hungry so went down early for breakfast.  It's unusual for him to wake up too early so I started to worry when I heard nothing down-stair. I was surprised when I found him inside the toilet - weak, pale with cold clammy skin. Obviously, he's not okay. He's taller than me and gained weight since we got married, carrying/assisting him all the way to the living room was a challenge. I know what to do but the only problem was convincing him to follow whatever will be my recommendation. For sure, he doesn't want to be brought to the hospital. I'm worried of dehydration so I gave him home made oresol, Gatorade, banana and tea. I hold anti-motility drug for a while and allow to passed out the toxins.

The Department of Health reveals that waterborne diseases remain a severe public health concern with about 4,200 people dying each year due to contaminated drinking water. One in every five households in 24 provinces gets water from unsafe and questionable sources. How about you, where do you source your drinking water? 


Unilever PureIt Water Purifier
Recently, I learned about Unilever PureIT, it's an in-home water purifier that converts both tap water and untreated water into safe and clean drinking water. It's the only US EPA-certified water purifier in the market today.

There are many advantages of using PureIT, allow me to share it to you!

It comes in a large storage capacity of 9 liters that can supply the drinking needs of a family with four members.

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier
Unilever PureIt Water Purifier
It's easy to use, tap water is poured manually to the filter. 

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier

Water goes five (5) purification process.

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier
Sediment Filter: Removes Visible Dirt
The receptacle is made up of food-grade durable plastic including its top so it can last a long time. 

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier
Germkill Processor
Germkill Processor, uses (PGT) Programmed Germkill Technology targets and removes harmful viruses, bacteria and sediments.

The Microfiber Mesh removes precipitated metallic impurities. 

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier

Carbon Polisher removes harmful parasites, pesticides and chlorine, making the water clean, odorless and natural tasting. 

Finally, the Microcharged Membrane purifies the water again and removes harmful parasites giving the assurance of double protection. 

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier

PureIt has an auto shut-off mechanism, which turns off the water supply, to ensure that only safe drinking water comes out. 

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier

Unilever used 5-step water purification technology that purifies water twice to ensure a safe, colorless, odorless, tasteless drinking water
Here's a diagram showing how PureIt works!

Advantages of PureIt: 

  • No need for Electricity -  PureIt is gravity based water purifier
  • Good bye expensive bottled water
  • No more hassle of boiling
  • Meet international safety standard
  • Safe, colorless, odorless, tasteless drinking water.  
Another thing that I like about PureIt is it comes with a unique Germkill Life Indicator so you would know when to replace the Germkill kit. It changes the color from white to deep red. 

Unilever PureIt Water Purifier 

Initially, you will need around P5,000 to have your own Unilever PureIt Water Purifier which you can purchase at leading home appliance centers in the country. It comes with a Germ Kill Kit. Moreover, when time comes and you need to change the Germkill kit, you can get them at leading home appliance center at around P1,000.

Cleaning is so easy, just wash PureIt in running water. We are happy with our new water purifier. Finally, no more inconvenience of calling the nearest water refilling station for our drinking water. I personally clean the water reservoir, prepare our drinking water so I'm confident we're drinking only safe water.

Do you have water purifier at home? Share your thoughts about the new Unilever PureIt. 

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