Sunsilk Fruity Floral Kit Brightened-Up My Day!

When it was time to go home, I was excited finally, I can wash my hair using my favorite shampoo, apply hair conditioner and enjoy a decent full bath at the comfort of my own bathroom.

Don't get me wrong, the nurse aids at UERM were very caring. In fact, they never missed a morning care. But there were days, I refused it especially on my 2nd and 3rd day post-operative that I don't want to be interrupted from sleeping.

Husband arrived at the hospital with flowers from #SunsilkHairkada Sarah Geronimo, it really brightened-up my day. He told me Sunsilk Hairkada Fruity Floral Kit that includes Sunsilk Fruity Floral Shampoo and Conditioner, lovely pink sarong and yummy fruity candies are waiting at home. Finally, clean, soft and fragrant hair after one week in the hospital. :)

Just like Jasmine Curtis-Smith, I love bringing sarong with me because it has so many purposes. I can use it for sunbathing. For the meantime, it would serve as a scarf going to church or hospital for follow-up, an added accent to match my lunch and dinner outfit.

Little brother and I enjoyed watching the television while munching on fruity candies from Julia Montes, another Sunsilk Hairkada.

Thank you Sunsilk Hairkada, the Fruity Floral Kit was truly an awesome treat. Hope to see you soon!

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