Group Date at Outback Steakhouse

What are your thoughts about double group date?
Group Date at Outback Steakhouse
A couple of weeks ago, my husband organized a luncheon meeting with his writers. It happened that I was also planning a get-together with my friends I haven't seen for almost a year. He brought up the idea of "double group date" at Outback Steakhouse. I wonder how my friends would feel, perhaps uncomfortable dining with strangers. I called them and asked and told my husband's idea. Without second thought, they accepted our invitation. I suggested having a separate table with my friends but Jonel told me it would be better having one long table.

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Group Date at Outback Glorietta
We arrived at Outback in Glorietta early so we can choose the best seat before our friends arrive. I introduced my friends to hubby's guests. Hubby did the same thing. I never thought double group date would be great. It opens new opportunities, gain new friends or may be opens a door to deeper relationship. Unfortunately, husband's guest were all females except for Mr. Wilson Lee, a columnist of Philippine Star.
We had the best of Outback. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. We started with Honey Wheat Bushman bread, it's dark brown soft bread served with cream spread. I super like it, I can finish the whole bread all by myself.

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Honey Wheat Bushman bread
Something happened to my photo of the Aussie Cheese Fries but it's highly recommended as appetizer while waiting for the main course.

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Alice Spring Chicken Quesadillas 
Alice Spring Chicken Quesadillas is one of my favorites at Outback Steakhouse. It's tasty and filling yet I can consume three in one sitting. I love the creamy dip.

I recommended Cherry Limeade to one of my friends. It's a thirst quenching summery drink. I'm glad she likes it! I had Sparkling Citrus cooler.

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I forgot the name of the chicken dish. Because we had baby back ribs few days before our group date, we decided to get this savory chicken dish as substitute. Still, we order baby back ribs for the guests. It also comes with large cut french fries.

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Creamy Seafood Pasta

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Outback Steakhouse sides are deliciously tasty like this Sweet Potato with Honey Butter and Brown Sugar. Ever since I tried it at Outback, I was trying to make one at home but theirs is somewhat special.

Fish-Chips-Outback-Steakhouse via

We assume someone doesn't like to eat chicken or steak so we ordered Fish and Chips

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I had three Chocolate Thunder From Down Under that week. It's a superb dessert can be shared by two or three, depending on your liking. So, I told myself they should try it - moist, sweet, decadent dessert to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Outback Steakhouse
Glorietta 4
Bluwave, Pasay City

A line from a famous poem "Every man is a piece of the continent".
Sometimes we are too busy at work, school, kids but it helps if we go out with good friends once in a while; catch up on each other. We don't know someone might be in great need of your time.

Until next time Vicky, Timmy, Ellen and Doc Elen!
See you around Wilson, Milette and Jonah!


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