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What do you live for? How do you define yourself? These were some of the questions I encountered when I signed up online for the campaign, Live To Feel. It's an invitation to live full lives by feeling and doing. It's how we process our feelings and put it into action. Live To Feel is a celebration of who we are.

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It starts with owning the "I Live To" statement, creating and expressing our own definition through unique statement portraits. Statements such as:

I Live To Feel
I Live To Share
I Live To Connect
I Live To Explore

The big event happened last Saturday, February 21 at the grounds of Eastwood Mall. Your #WomanInDigital traveled all the way Eastwood to participate in the Live To Feel Campaign expressing myself "I Live To Share" which is the primary role of a blogger like me.

I-Live-To-Share via Woman-In-Digital

Prior to the event, you will be invited to answer "What do you live for" at the LiveToFeel.me website and asked to upload a photo. Although my husband and I didn't see our portraits at the venue, joining the campaign and being present during the event was enough to support the Live To Feel campaign. In addition, I was overwhelmed to see portrait of other people, especially the young generation, talented individuals.

I-Live-To-Share via Woman-In-Digital

Influencers that took part in the Live To Feel movement included Bianca Gonzalez, Daniel Matsunaga, Laureen Uy, Marcelo Santos III, DJ Mars Miranda, TeamManila, the Roxy Philippines Lifestyle Ambassadors, Chef Jayps Anglo, Martine Cajucom, Everywhere We Shoot, WeeWillDoodle, and many others.






Watch out for more of the Live To Feel campaign at www.livetofeel.me


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