Cheers to 40 Years, Shakey's Philippines

Happy 40th Anniversary Shakey's! I have one wonderful childhood memory dining at Shakey's restaurant back in the 90's. I was around 15 or 16 years old when I first dine at Shakey's Pizza Parlor. For no reason papa brought me in their Makati branch for dinner. I can still remember the joy I felt the first time I tasted Shakey's Fried Chicken and Mojos. Although it was our first and last dinner date at Shakey's, I'm happy he made an effort to spent time with his daughter.
Cheers to 40 Years Shakey's Philippines

Perhaps, I should also thank Shakey's for being an instrument for a very rare father and daughter bonding.

Shakeys-Pizza-1954 via Woman-In-Digital
Shakey's Pizza 1954

This year, Shakey's is celebrating it's 40th year with the 1 To 40 Meal Deal For You. For only Php1,240 (that is why it's called 1 To 40) you have the freedom to create your own combination, create you own meal. In the recent event I attended, I got to try this 1 To 40 Creation.

Shakeys-Pizza-1954 via Woman-In-Digital

We were given this flyer and was instructed to choose any three food items and one dessert forty (40) Shakey's food items; from large thin crust servings of Shakey's 17 pizza flavors, family sized Chef, Caesar, Tuna Caesar, Greek and American Salad, Classic Spaghetti, and Carbonara Supreme Platters, Five Piece Buddy Pack Chicken "N" Mojos Supreme, and 4 Solo servings of Hearty Italian, Chicken 'n' Corn and Creamy Mushroom Soup.

I named it "A Woman's Pizza-ppetite"

I chose the Manager's Choice Pizza, 5-pieces Chicken 'n' Mojos, Tuna Caesar Salad and Banana Peach Surprise. The new offering is a great way for people to try other food items or choose their Shakey's favorites.

What are you waiting for, visit the nearest Shakey's and start creating wonderful memories with your loved ones.

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