My Experience Walking Barefoot For TOMS #WithoutShoes

Shoes have been shown to be fundamental resource for protecting children from rough terrain, infection, and many diseases. In many developing countries, children must walk barefoot for miles to school, clean water and medical help. I've seen that during my medical immersion in Nueva Vizcaya back in 2001, it was a very heart breaking moments. I cried.

Visiting a Public School
Me on the left side doing manicure to one of the students
Millions of children are at risk of injury, infection and soil-transmitted diseases that most can’t afford to prevent and treat. Many schools required shoes and children who are healthy are more likely to be successful students because they have access to education. But what shoes give to children? My answer is very simple, I think a one step towards success because they are physically protected and emotionally uplifted, they felt loved.

TOMS "Shoes For Tomorrow"

The shoes TOMS give are made to order and evolving all the time. TOMS make only the sizes the children need and make sure no sure go to waste. Who is Tom? There is no “TOM”. The founder’s name is BLAKE. Tom is actually an abbreviation for “Shoes for a better tomorrow”. In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriend children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. ONE for ONE. To date, TOMS has given over million pairs of new shoes to children through giving partners around the world.

TOMS #WithoutShoes

I've blogged about this advocacy (read more Toms #OneForOne here) but never had the opportunity to join the activities until a couple of weeks ago. I grew up with parents very strict when it comes to cleanliness. Me and my siblings have several pair of slippers, may pang-bahay at pang-labas. I used to live in Pateros area, the home of alfombra slippers. I had several pairs. Personally, I'm not used to walking barefoot and never experienced one.

TOMS #WithoutShoes
Track 30th BGC
TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes
TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes

People gathered at the Track 30th Park in BGC walking barefoot sharing their experiences on social media like Instagram. With our help, TOMS can give more shoes to every child in need. A new pair of shoes in every photo posted.

TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes
hubby and blogger friends
TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes
Jonel Uy Walking barefoot for TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes
More and more are joining..
TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes
our tired extremities not complaining
TOMS #OneDayWithoutShoes
BGC The Fort
We started walking at Track 30th and toured BGC area inviting passersby and people around the area to join us. Leading us, there's Carlos Celdran and Toms Ambassador, Marc Nelson. While walking around BGC, I think about the less fortunate kids. I find it hard walking barefoot even if we're walking on grass, on cement. I started to ask myself how kids look for food, go one place another without shoes. It's so difficult for them.

Marc Nelson and Carlos Celdran
Marc Nelson and Carlos Celdran
We ended with light snacks and drinks, celebrating the success of #OneDayWithoutShoes #WithoutShoes campaign. I think we don't have to experience walking barefoot before we lend a hand. The moment we saw a child in need, each one of us a soul whispering us to help. How about you, what are you willing to sacrifices for a child in need? Share your story.

TOMS wants to give one million pairs of shoes. You can help us reach this goal. For more information, you may visit


  1. Wow! This was something! Sayang, I wasn't able to join in with this campaign. I wonder how it is walking without shoes, I only do it in the beach and at home.

  2. For me ang hirap. I'm not used to walking without slippers even at home. Naiisip ko pa lang all the dirt, dust and microorganism but if I have to do it again for the kids. I will! Missing walking by the beach..hopefully soon. :)


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